Why The Hell Did This Gay Activist Fake His Own Kidnapping?

It all started when gay rights activist Adam Hoover posted a cryptic tweet to his Twitter page:

The tweet was sent at 12:30 a.m. on March 3. The message was also posted to Hoover’s Facebook profile, and included his mother’s phone number and his family’s address:


Hoover is the co-President of Marriage Equality Ohio and self-proclaimed “equal rights fighter.” His cry for help, in addition to being retweeted more than 1,000 times, sparked an immediate search around the Cincinnati area. Officials claim multiple agencies were involved in the effort.

An hour later, police discovered Hoover’s car abandoned on the side of the road near the Ohio-Indiana border. When they approached the vehicle, Hoover was reportedly seen exiting from a nearby building. Police say he was unharmed. They now believe the whole kidnapping was a hoax.

Hoover’s Twitter page is still active, but his Facebook profile has been set to private. The most recent tweet on Hoover’s Twitter page appears to be written by his mother, Anna, who says she is “trying my best to help my son.”

Police have not released Hoover’s motive for faking his own abduction. He now faces preliminary charges of making false alarms, according to the local sheriff’s office.

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