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Why This Man Wouldn’t Sell Rainbow Baked Goods To Some Indiana University Queers

The gays at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis just wanted some rainbow-colored cupcakes to celebrate October’s National Coming Out Day, so a student went to local bakery Just Cookies to place an order, and was told his money was no good there: the bakery didn’t cater to gays.

Owner David Stockton says he explained to the students that “we’re a family-run business, we have two young, impressionable daughters and we thought maybe it was best not to do that.” That contradicts the story his wife Lilly tried passing off to reporters — that they don’t make cupcakes, and didn’t have enough dough for such a large order of rainbow cookies, either.

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    What did this asshat think, the Gays were going to come in flowing gowns riding rainbow hued unicorns to pick up their cupcakes??

    Its decisions like that which will make paying for college educations for his two daughters kinda difficult….

  • j

    Something tells me that the bakery’s owner was probably abit more forceful than that, judging by his wife’s denial. There’s a serious lack of marital communication if you share a house and STILL can’t get your story straigt.

  • Polyboy

    Evil in the name of Jesus and “family.”


    “just cookies” should be met by a bunch of people carrying signs that say “just bigots”

  • Kev C

    If they don’t want gay money, and straight supporter money, David and his daughters will be eating lots of cookies, and just cookies.

  • Chuck

    What a cream puff baker.

  • GlacierGuy

    Seriously? All this over rainbow colored cupcakes?? The fact that he even brings his daughters up is beyond ludicrous. This guy is exactly what is wrong with America and our so called “values”….

  • daveny

    Fuck Them! better to know your enemy.


    His twisted logic shows those cupcakes aren’t the only things baked in that shop…………. :p

  • NAP79

    Fuck this asshole. There are already terrible reviews on the Googles about him so here’s hoping his business fails and he and his dumbass wife go broke.

  • uu

    Woah, anybody else’s gaydar went kablooie at -00:45? (Not to demonize the guy, just interested.)

  • edgyguy1426

    Gee, he want to teach his family values? I would think lying about your morals should come first on his list! Way to bring up a family, dickhead. I hope(sure) that a lot of his customers have gay friends/family

  • David

    *sings* We ARE family!

  • echop

    I think those students should go to the shop and picket the store for their anti gay policy… wouldn’t that be an education for their young impressionable daughters!

  • Mark

    His argument doesn’t even make sense….How the heck would his daughters even know about making cookies for ANY event unless he told them himself? “Gee, girls, daddy is SO sorry for making cupcakes so that the GAY can sweets. I’ll try harder to hate next time.”

  • Equal Rights Now

    @UU … Yup, the owner comes across as a total CLOSET CASE!

  • Enron

    I guess Just Cookies won’t be sharing in the 2 Billion dollar GLBT market.

  • Davie

    how exactly would his two “young” daughters know about the cupcake order unless he is employing them or he goes home and tells them every order that was placed and filled that day. And even if one or both of these are true, why would the little girls think rainbow cupcakes oh must be a gay customer? What would he do/say if a mother came in to order rainbow cupcakes your her young daughters birthday party? would he say “i’m sorry we are a family business and cant make your 5 year old daughter her rainbow cupcakes cause my little girls might think I am catering to the gays”? cause you know if you like rainbows you must be gay. there is no way little girls can see rainbow colors without thinking about gays and asking questions. his wife might have been the one lying but at least her explination didn’t streatch the limits of logical thinking.

  • Davie

    @Davie: I honestly don’t know what irritates me more, the blatent homophobia in his reasoning, or the shear stupidity of it.

  • declanto

    How can he legally refuse to serve anyone in a municipal facility like the City Market!? Is there any legal recourse at all???

  • Jeffree

    One of my neices is about 6 or 7 . She loves the moon, stars, rainbows and clouds. For her birthday, that was the decoration theme, and her Mom got cookie cutters and made some cookies herself, and the attendees got a chance to decorate them with frosting and little edible sugary colorful confetti thingies.

    Each participant got to eat a few, and take home a plastic bag with cookies they “made” to share with family……

    Is the story here that if my uncle had tried to buy rainbow/moon, etc cookies from the Cookie Dude instead of letting the party-crew decorate them, the Bakery would have turned down the order?

    People like the anti-Rainbow need to get a grip on reality. Lots of people –young or old–like rainbows and stars and the sun. My neice has no political agenda, nor do her Mom or Dad..

    For Bakery dude to turn down the order shows just how far out from reality some people can be. Blaming his decision on his daughters’ and then being contradicted by his wife shows sumthin’ aint right with that family.

    PS: My neice, I believe, will be a meterologist when she grows up!

  • soakman

    What bothers me here is that there is always a justification for hatred. “I don’t want to set a bad example for my daughters” amounts to “I hate gays, and, oh yeah, I have two daughters.” The two have nothing to do with each other. You don’t have bigot values because you have children. These people need to stop blaming the innocent for their being pricks.

  • codyj

    typical fundie….him an his big fat (3rd grade) education.

  • Jimmy

    What the hell kind of “bakery” doesn’t sell cupcakes?

  • Jimmy


    “What the hell kind of “bakery” doesn’t sell cupcakes?”

    A bakery that is named “Just Cookies”.

    Any questions?

  • averageguy40

    I know this won’t be a popular comment, but if they don’t want the business why not just go somewhere else? Pick your battles. All this over some cupcakes? I shop where people want my money, not try to force it on those that don’t. Everything doesn’t have to be a “cause”.

  • Andy

    Love it how he compares gay to obscenity.

  • Sugar is the Devil

    I’m compelled to telephone the bakery and inquire if they sell to bi curios customers –

    Signed Questioning – (317) 634-4456

    Name: Just Cookies
    Street: 222 East Market Street
    Indianapolis, in 46204-3300
    Phone: (317) 634-4456

  • Jon

    Tragic that you think the only belief and lifestyle is yours. Believe it or not people don’t have to be forced to accept two dudes putting their penis in each others butts.

  • Kenny Merriken

    I have an answer for rainbow cupcakes and it is found in the Book of Genesis chapter 9, verses 8 to 17. It tells why the rainbow was created and who created it. There is another chapter in Genesis that tells a story about gays. It is Genesis chapter 19. Go to, type in ‘Kenny Merriken’ in the search box and pull up my song that tells a story that relates to gays. At the end of the video I invite anyone to publicly debate me concerning the accuracy of the song/video.

  • Soupy

    What a ridiculous statement, Jon. Gays are a minority. Of course we are aware of a “straight lifestyle choice”. Does that mean we have to accept you shoving your penis in a woman’s ass?

  • Kenny Merriken

    I love rainbow cupcakes and would love to share them with anybody. See Genesis ch. 9 for the origin of the rainbow.
    Sexual intercourse is the intimate culmination of a loving relatioinship between two people. God created it and all the sexual body functions that go with it to carry out the pro creation of the human race. It is the normal manner in which new people are conceived. We are born into this world about nine months after sexual intercourse that results in conception. God created Adam, then Eve from Adam’s rib. The rest of humanity came into this world through the fertilization of a human egg with a human sperm. The only exception is the Messiah, Jesus Christ who was conceived of the Holy Ghost and born to the virgin Mary in Bethlehem. God reserves sexual intercourse for a man and his female wife. Genesis 4:1,2.
    I have a video I would like you to watch, then I invite you publicly to debate me over the accuracy of the video.
    Type in “Messiah loves homosexuals” on, then click on the selection that comes up with my name.

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