Flesh for fantasy

Will Instagram censor Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest thirst traps?

Perhaps to divert the public’s attention away from that horrible bust just erected in his honor, Cristiano Ronaldo is now toying with his legion of Instagram fans by hinting at an upcoming nude photoshoot.

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He’s posted two new photos that may or may not pass muster with Instagram’s new rules regarding risqué content. One pic accentuates his impossibly muscular back; another finds him lounging on a chair totally naked — though the goods are blocked by someone’s sadistic hand. (We spit on that person.)

Below one pic of Ronaldo looking buff and in the buff, a cryptic caption: “Soon…”

What does it all mean? Take a look and give us your theories.

Soon ?

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A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on