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Crowd gasps in horror as terrifying bust of Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled at local airport

Gasps of sheer terror could be heard from the crowd after a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo was unveiled on the Portuguese island of Madeira this week.

The statue was revealed during a ceremony to name the island’s airport after the handsome, 32-year-old football superstar. Both Portugal’s president and the prime minister flew in for the hotly-anticipated event, which was attended by tons of Ronaldo’s adoring fans, as well as local and international media.

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Ronaldo is quite a legend in Madeira, celebrated for his fairytale rags-to-riches story. There’s even a museum about him in his hometown of Funchal. So it makes sense that he would have an airport named after him as well, right?

It also makes sense why people were so deeply unsettled when this statue of their cherished hometown hero was unveiled:

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Ronaldo himself didn’t appear all that pleased with the bust, but he managed to sound appreciative during his speech, though we’re pretty sure he was dying inside. (We certainly would be!)

“Thank you for being here in my honor,” he said with feigned enthusiasm. “Seeing my name being given to this airport is something very special, everyone knows that I am proud of my country and especially my home city.”

Memers, on the other hand, haven’t been so gracious…

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