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Will Kathy Griffin Be Assaulted Or Murdered on SVU?


Who does Kathy Griffin think she is? Rea Carey? Though we doubt we’ll see the NGLTF head on the arm of Levi Johnston anytime soon, Griffin is trying to impersonate Carey to an extent.

That’s because she’ll play a gay activist on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU (the one with Christopher Meloni!), announced via exec producer Neal Baer via Twitter, of course.. The ep, which will air Feb. 10, is all part of Griffin’s master plan: Getting the gays to elect her as their leader.

But because most L&O episodes like to take their plotlines from real-life events, just how will Griffin’s activist character be cued up? We’re guessing it’ll be in a pissing match between one group of activists and another.

(Note: No, we’re not calling for violent attacks on Kathy with this headline. But guest stars are always either murdered on SVU or, uh, end up being the villain. So pick your poison.)