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Will Madonna Unleash A Curse On Lady Gaga During Her ABC Interview?

ABC is touting a big new interview with Madonna, the first segment of which debuts Thursday night, and it looks like Madge is gonna talk some serious shit about Lady Gaga.

(If you don’t want to indulge aging reporter Cynthia McFadden’s vanity show about how she’s just the best of friends with Madonna, skip to about the one-minute mark.)

The clip doesn’t show Madonna’s response when the reporter asks about Lady Gaga, but we can only  assume she:

1. Did a spit take with her cup of Earl Grey

2. Had McFadden summarily executed

3. Grabbed the Elder Wand and turned Gaga into a toad.

Do you think Her Madgesty had something naughty or nice to say about Our Lady of the Gaga? More importantly, gays, which side are you on? Tweet us and let us know whether you’re #TeamMadonna or #TeamGaga.

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  • james

    Looks like a playful swipe but nothing serious, she has bigger fish to fry. Being
    her new album and the Superbowl coming up.

  • shle896

    I’m sure Madonna thinks about Lady Gaga as many of us do, namely that she is an unoriginal copycat, but I would bet my last dollar that Madonna will take the high road and not say anything negative about her. That’s her m.o., which speaks volumes about her character.

  • Tommy

    @shle896: Exactly! Madonna has this reputation as bitch but she usually takes the high road in interviews even when people are nasty about her. And although Gaga may copy Madonna, she’s never said anything bad about Madonna, so why would people think Madonna would say anything bad about her?

  • mike

    Madonna is as much a hack as Lady Gaga. The only difference is that it took us at least 20 years to wake up about Madonna and only 2 for Lady Gaga.

    Madonna has taken other people’s images – most notably Marilyn Monroe – to further her career, increase her bank balance, and build her mansions. She is a true toad who cloaks her lack of originality in the gay rights notion so that we can find her thieving more acceptable. Not any more, Madge.

  • Red Meat

    @shle896: I guess you were too bust being gay in the 90s and missed all the shit talk Madonna did bout Whitney Huston and Mariah Carey.

  • theo

    Haha The “look it up” quote is probably from some other question asked. That’s the way they do.

  • Madge-rTude

    @ Red Meat: I’m a mayjor Madonna fan. What you say is true. I remember how M used to talk smack. About Celine, Bette Midler, and Oprah!

  • Ben

    The Queen has spoken.


    Please go to the following website

    Gaga fans are uniting to tear down Madonna this year.

  • Matt

    You know haters…Lady Gaga is WAYYYYYYY More Elton John than Madonna. And at least she’s not a brainless wonder like Crappy Perry or Britney Big Gulp Spears.

  • Santiago

    @Matt: You forgot Rihanna.

  • Jeremiah

    Madonna’s album has already received bad reviews. She will be booed at the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Mother Monster is the hottest pop star in the planet. She is more popular than Madonna ever was. Unlike Madonna, Mother Monster writes her own songs.

  • Isaac C

    @Jeremiah: LOL at “She will be booed at the Super Bowl.”

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @JASON: I cannot begin to tell you how depressing that post is.

  • BlueIvy12

    Madge is my generation, and I enjoy her music, but she was never a great singer. It was only when she wanted to play Evita that she took voice lessons, and later learned guitar. Plus, she was always a b*tch in interviews and still looks to be. I don’t think she would cross the street to interact with her fans or sign an autograph. Our Lady of the Gaga, on the other hand, is a real singer and musician. She loves her fans, and dares to walk into a crowd of them to hug people and sign atutographs. Pretty daring with all the nut cases running around.

  • Say what?

    In reply to Jeremiah: what a DELUSINAL misinformed ignorant troll u are to dare say that bullsh*t take ur head out ur mamas vjj and go try reading afew books on music and pop culture history where Madonna is always mentioned as the most influencial most successful highest selling most ground breaking most daring most poplar female recording artist of all time in the entire world!

  • Shawn

    LOL. As Madonna fans, we always hear that “Lady Gaga is so much NICER than Madonna and LOVES her fans,” but honestly, who cares. I’m sure she’s nicer but one reason Madonna is so awesome is because she doesn’t pander to anybody – shes APOLOGETICALLY bitchy. Even in her first television appearance on American Bandstand, she tells Dick Clark, “I’ve always had a lot of confidence in myself.” This is the OPPOSITE of what Gaga laments over when she cries about how bullied she was. Madonna is the Queen and always will be. She’s been doing this for 30 years and is STILL HUNGRY – you gotta respect that.

  • Shawn

    unapologetically bitchy*

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @BlueIvy12: “I don’t think she would cross the street to interact with her fans or sign an autograph.” Why would she? Some of them don’t even know she loathes hydrangeas.

  • walt

    I like them both.

  • Say what?

    In reply to BlueIvy12:
    SAY WHAT???? Lol what a joke to call lady copy cat a real singer and musician! Shes the bigger fake manufactured generic cheap RIPOFF micmic out there! And there are tons of new artists out there today that are real musicians and are far better then this gimmick. Like ADELE.. MIA.. Taylor swift.. Sia..Beyonce.. and that girl that sings video games just to name afew new or up coming artists that wipe the floor with this fake.. And for ur info Madonna is about the same level as gaga when it come to singing but gaga had more training.. But Madonna wipes the floor with every other aspect like writing.. Dancing…producing…shes more creative..more daring..more ground breaking.. More original..more influencial..more successful and she a far better over all artist then gaga ever hope to be..and Madonna didnt have all the tons of new media outlets and internet or itunes when she 1st started but she still ruled the world without any of those platforms to take advantage of like gaga does. She particular tweets she blows a farts Oe has bowel movement.. Lol

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @Say what?: Wow. Just wow.

  • Mike UK

    she’s obviously making the rounds, she’s also on The Graham Norton Show over here on the BBC on friday night, in the trailers he’s virtually creaming himself!

  • Lefty

    She looks amazing. :)

  • Say what?

    In reply to Shawn: EXACTLY!! Lol thats the biggest difference between them Madonna has always been real and more profound with emotion not a fake superficial WANNABE trying to pander to everyone like gaga dose gaga says the most corny Chessy lame A$$ shi*t to try and win people over lol.

  • Kevin B


    Just for fun I checked out that blogspot and found this: “Please spam these Madonna articles with negative comments. Remember to concentrate on Madonna’s age.”

    Are you not horrified to associate yourself with this?

    Clue: you should be.

  • Lou Scunt

    Madonna talked trash about everyone since day 1, and she was the biggest piece of trash that came out of Michigan since the AMC Pacer. Madonna is a jealous no talent hag and has done nothing original. Clearly, she is jealous of Gaga’s talent and youth.

  • Adam

    They’re both on my iPod.

    Y’all need some tragedy or hardship in your lives. You clearly have nothing worthwhile to care about.

  • BAM!

    I don’t understand why people say gaga copies madonna. 1. she couldn’t be copying her lyrics because gaga writes her own songs and has her beats customized. 2. express yourself sounds nothing like born this way like seriously IT doesn’t sound anything a like 3. Gaga dresses way more high fashion than madonna ever did. I just think people call her a copy cat because they know gaga is about to become the new queen of pop, and they’re just trying to start drama for no reason. There maybe a few outfits that look similiar but there a so many people who do things similar to madonna and micheal jackson etc. it’s just because gaga is soooo famous that people make such a big deal out of it. If some basic bitch came with teal hair and a meat dress little monsters wouldn’t care because we know they don’t have the talent to back it up…

  • christopher di spirito

    It’s so peculiar.

    Madonna is looking more and more like Mae West. Maybe it’s the heavily Botoxed cheeks or the strangely deposited Restylane to in-fill the vertical face lines. All of which is accentuated with dreadfully dated, swirl of bleached blonde hair.

    I expect to hear you say, “Oh, come up and see me sometime.” It’s as if she’s determined to out-Madonna the Madonna drag queens.

  • Seth

    She might not be the greatest vocalist but Madge is hands down the greatest female artist and entertainer. She was an advocate for the gay community and AIDS advocacy in the 1980’s when the President wouldn’t even mention our community. I’ll never understand the hate on Madge the person….to say you don’t like her music is one thing or maybe even her personality (she is a controlling bitch and part of her appeal) but she still has bigger balls than any other male or female celebrity on this planet.

  • Jon

    I think the competition is good for Madonna. I think all of this Gaga controversy will help Madonna’s career in the end. Only if people weren’t talking about Madonna would I worry, but there is a lot of hype and fascination building about the Gaga VS. Madonna rivalry. It’s approaching Joan Crawford VS. Bette Davis territory, but I think Gaga has more in common with Eve Harrington.

  • Tomi Luka

    @ Say what? Et al… I think this ‘Gaga is a hack’ meme is like something out of an SNL sketch. People accuse Gaga of stealing while Beyonce blatantly gets away with murder. Can somebody explain to me why is it OK for B to constantly plagiarize other artists while Gaga gets chastised for less than that? That ‘Countdown’ video is just ridiculous, she stole it shot by shot from that Danish choreographer! Please look it up and explain to me how is that NOT worse than anything Gaga has been accused of.

  • Gauthier

    @Tomi Luka: BELGIAN choreographer, thankyouverymuch! But I agree..just my two cents, but I like Lady Gaga, I think she’s as real as a performer with her current status can be and she has a lot of catchy songs (though I’m extremely meh about her last album). I’m also a hjoooghe fan of Madonna. Always have been. I think the controversy is indeed a good thing for her, because hasn’t that always been part of what gets Madonna around? I think it’s one of the things that has always defined her career, and I’m pretty sure Gags and Madge are perfectly fine with each other in reality.

    On a different note, and again it’s just my two cents; beyonce is an incredibly talented vocalist and a great performer… And that’s where it stops for me. In my opinion she has the charisma of a Stepford robot and she has sold her soul to the industry. Everything about her is fake. Weaves, skintone (at least in ads and on most official imagery… Remember how she’s basically Shakira on her ‘4’ album cover?), her music videos, her choreography… And yes, I’ll go as far as to say I’m a believer of the surrogate pregnancy story. And she just reflects what is wrong with mainstream pop today; Brit-bot, Fakey Perry, Rehasha, KeDOLLARSIGNha, Sticki Vaj… ALL these girls are just hot faces and bodies that have been sculpted, kneaded, laminated and color coded with the Pantone combinations of the season so they could be used as the props for pure commerce; cashing in on endless variations of the same themes; being the baddest bitch on the block, partying, sex, etc etc. It’s absolutely sickening to me and I hope the likes of Adele and Lana Del Ray can put a stop to this mass retardation.

  • Tony

    I think it’s going to be a nice comment. I CHOOSE both of them!! Both are very talented!! & total gay faves!!

  • newcityspot

    Poor thing looks so successful to the world, but obviously has something seriously wrong with her as she’s a complete failure in her private life.

  • Dustin

    Madonna is a legend. Gaga has only been a star for a couple of years. I don’t doubt that Gaga has staying power, and she may be able to write songs and play a piano, but she’s not the first artist to do these things…Madonna, after all, writes the bulk of her own songs and she comes up with melodies with her producers…she has always said that she doesn’t like to work with people who just want to do what she wants…she likes people who have the same ideas as hers and who view the world the way she does…I enjoy Gaga’s songs (mostly album tracks that were not released as singles), but there’s nothing profound about her because Madonna already did everything that Gaga is doing. The kids today just don’t know that or they just don’t care. Madonna won’t live forever and neither will Gaga…Madonna herself said in an interview back in 1995 on german television; “There’s always gonna be somebody who came before you….” and when the interviewer asked Madonna who came before her, she simply stated “Debbie Harry” (from Blondie). If you want to see this interview, go to madonna-tv.come and click on 1995. As for what she might have to say about Gaga, I am sure Madonna won’t say anything negative, and why should she…she is Madonna….Lady Gaga is not up to her level…not yet, anyway.

  • Jeff

    LOL, you’re a tool. Madonna is stunning. Gaga looks like a troll who was beaten with an ugly stick. She’s hideous – not matter how much makeup she puts on – and will never be as attractive or sexy as Madonna. People like to compare the two, but when Madonna first hit the scene, people said she was HOT and SEXY. That is NOT something the press or men have EVER said about Gaga.

  • Jeremy

    We have two fag hags. One is 55 trying to look 25. One is 25 trying to look like a three-thousands-and-five y/o alien. Both desperately need attention from gay because straight men don’t find them attractive. Both think by “publicly” donate couple millions dollars will get you good PR vibes and generate hundreds millions of dollars back. Sure they love their fans, as long as their fans stupidly pay couple hundreds bucks for a ticket so they can lip-sync the whole show. That’s such a deep love, isn’t it? Can we just pack these two bitches to an island and let them rot? Can be a bitch or whatever the hell you want but I want my artist to “shut up and sing” and not trying way to hard just to get everyone’s attention.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    I think Madonna moving to the upper east side had the same affect on her as when Bowie stopped wearing women’s clothes. It made both of them snooty and boring.

  • shle896

    @Red Meat: Really? Show me.

  • steve sydney

    I can’t believe someone further up actually suggested Beyonce was a ‘real musician’


    moving on… Who cares what these 2 think of each other. There aren’t that many female pop stars in their 50s, much less, ones who can still top the charts. Madonna is an excellent example of staying power. Lady Gaga has been able to turn herself potentially into a billion dollar brand in a few shorts years. They are both to be congratulated on their success.. done.

  • MikeE

    @steve sydney: congratulations. a mature response. it’s a shame it will more than likely go unappreciated on this blog.

    as for me: Ma-who-na? Lady Wha-what?

    Those aren’t “artists”.
    They’re generic disposable pop singers. About as far from “real” musical talent as you can get.

  • Tommy

    @Jeremy: What a stupid hateful comment. Neither Madonna or Gaga have trouble attracting actual straight men since they both have had numerous relationships with straight guys! And neither Madonna or Gaga lip sync their whole show. Maybe you’re confusing them with Britney. It’s amazing that female artists support the gay community since when they do they are often met with such cynicism, ingratitude and even hatred. Are all women bitches to you? Why do so many gay men choose to hate women? Women are some of my best friends so I’ve never understood this attitude.
    And who ever says they don’t have talent fails to realize it takes talent to write a good pop song. I would hardly call Madonna’s music disposable since people remember her older songs many years later. I like rock and alternative artists too but it’s silly to say all pop music is bad and the people who create it lack talent. I appreciate both pop and more alternative types of music. They’re just different.

  • Bryan

    It only took a few posts for the usual, uninformed copycat comment to show up again. You’d think Madonna fans who claim not to be bothered by Gaga seeing as Madonna has been doing it forever would actually do some research.

    @MikeE: But they’re not though. While you can question Madonna’s singing abilities, other talents like dancing, song writing and playing a musical instrument are unquestionable. While Gaga is at least good at all 4. They aren’t the most talented musicians ever, but to dismiss them as disposable pop singers is silly. Madonna has a 20yrs+ career. Hardly disposable.

  • Drake

    Is Madonna a closet lesbian?

  • Ben

    OFFICIAL: Madonna continues to give her opinion on Lady Gaga in the January 30th issue of Newsweek. She says, “I thought, this is a wonderful way to redo my song (Express Yourself). I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was…interesting.”

    So basically, Madonna is saying, “Back off my shit, bitch.”

  • redball

    @Lefty: doesn’t count when you’ve had work done, honaaay #allnaturalbitchrighthere

  • Daez

    @Say what?: I remember when you had to stay up till midnight to watch Erotica on MTV. The days Madonna broke ground in were far more conservative. In a lot of ways, Madonna made it easier for Lady Gaga to even exist.

  • Daez

    @Jeff: Only in the post MTV age would we think, even for a moment, that being attractive has ANYTHING to do with being a talented musician. Kind of sad and pathetic really.

  • Andrew

    Poor Madonna, she hasn’t had a number one hit in 12 years (Music) and everything she does these days has her teaming up with people half her age…I guess this is what she has to do to remain relevant.
    For those of you who are claiming madonna broke ground for Gaga, yes this is true, but Cherrie Currie, Debbie Harry, Cher, Better Midler, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Patty Smith, the Go Go’s, Grace Slick paved the way for Madonna.
    As for her looks…Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, Bette Davis, Marlena Dietrich, Clara Bow, Betty Grable, Lana Turner…etc. The list of woman Madonna took her looks from is endless.

    So why is Lady Gaga being attacked for copying Madonna? Madonna was not the first woman to wear a bra on stage…Bette Midler and Cherrie Currie beat her to that. Material Girl is straight from A Monroe movie. If lady Gaga had simply remade Express Yourself, instead of re -inventing it for a new generation, would you be saying it was flattering?
    Madonna is a pop star whos staying power was based on shock and the ability to re-invent herself. She can’t write music, until she recently learned to play guitar(sort of) she couldn’t play an instrument, her songs are all written by other people, her signing voice is okay, but she could never do a duet with Beyonce, her dancing is embarrassing…how many times did she squat in Hung Up?
    Say what you want about Lady Gaga, but she writes her own music (not just the lyrics), she can play the piano upsidedown, her songs are actually ispired by events in her life and she fully admits Madonna is one of her insperations…she doesn’t try to hide this…In the video for Born this way, there’s a dance scene taken straight from express yourself and at the end of the video she’s posing with a big ugly gap between her teeth…just like her gapped tooth idol. If any of you have bothered to listen to Gaga’s last album, you would know that Born This Way is the ONLY song inspired by madonna.

    On a final note, there’s a reason Lady Gaga is invited to perform with music legends and madonna is laughed at by these same greats…talent. Madonna has been struggling to earn the respect Gaga received in a few short years.

    There’s a new Queen of Pop in town…its time for the aging Queen Mum to step aside.

  • Kerbla

    Madonna writes her own songs… look it up. always has. also, 4 minutes was #1, and before that… hung up, and sorry were huge.

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