Cat Fight

Will Madonna Unleash A Curse On Lady Gaga During Her ABC Interview?

ABC is touting a big new interview with Madonna, the first segment of which debuts Thursday night, and it looks like Madge is gonna talk some serious shit about Lady Gaga.

(If you don’t want to indulge aging reporter Cynthia McFadden’s vanity show about how she’s just the best of friends with Madonna, skip to about the one-minute mark.)

The clip doesn’t show Madonna’s response when the reporter asks about Lady Gaga, but we can only  assume she:

1. Did a spit take with her cup of Earl Grey

2. Had McFadden summarily executed

3. Grabbed the Elder Wand and turned Gaga into a toad.

Do you think Her Madgesty had something naughty or nice to say about Our Lady of the Gaga? More importantly, gays, which side are you on? Tweet us and let us know whether you’re #TeamMadonna or #TeamGaga.