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Will Obama’s AIDS Plan Also Fight The Aggressive Chlamydia Attacking the Gays?

As Obama talks about his big plan to cut down on new HIV infections (goal: cut new infections by 30 percent over 5 years), there’s another monster lurking among the gays.

The British-based HIV health non-profit Terrence Higgins Trust says LGV (lymphogranuloma venereum), described as an “aggressive form of chlamydia,” is a “serious sexually transmitted infection that attacks the lymph nodes.” What happens if you get it? “The majority of men infected with LGV develop symptoms within a few weeks, and nearly all have been infected rectally. Symptoms can include bleeding and discharge from the rectum, painful inflammation (called ‘proctitis’), and painful anal abscesses or ulcers. Left untreated, LGV can cause lasting damage. The inside of the rectum can become so seriously affected it might require surgery.” And it makes it much easier to contract other STDs and, yes, HIV.

. It has been spreading among gay and bisexual men since arriving in the UK around 2004. In 2009, 193 men were diagnosed with the infection and, in the first six months of 2010 alone, 190 men have been diagnosed, many of whom also have HIV.