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Will We Win the Prop 8 Trial If We Start Spelling It ‘H8’?

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra J. Saunders: “Feelings rule – and not just because the measure’s foes somehow believe that Californians haven’t been taught enough about gay people. Anti-8 attorneys have chosen to argue that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional in light of a 1996 U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned a Colorado ban on gay-rights measures because it was motivated by animus toward homosexuals. If they can convince Walker that the Prop. 8 people are haters, he may overturn the will of the majority of California voters.”

Center for Arizona Policy president Cathi Herrod: “It’s one thing to disagree on the issue of same-sex marriage. It’s quite a different matter to label those of us — really the millions not only in California and Arizona, but throughout this country — who stand for marriage between one man and one woman as ‘haters’ Mrs. McCain has effectively called all of us ‘haters’ [by posing for the NOH8 campaign]. That surprises me. For those of us in Arizona who worked very hard to pass Prop. 102 in 2008, we’re offended, we’re disappointed and we’re outraged.”