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Will We Win the Prop 8 Trial If We Start Spelling It ‘H8’?

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra J. Saunders: “Feelings rule – and not just because the measure’s foes somehow believe that Californians haven’t been taught enough about gay people. Anti-8 attorneys have chosen to argue that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional in light of a 1996 U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned a Colorado ban on gay-rights measures because it was motivated by animus toward homosexuals. If they can convince Walker that the Prop. 8 people are haters, he may overturn the will of the majority of California voters.”

Center for Arizona Policy president Cathi Herrod: “It’s one thing to disagree on the issue of same-sex marriage. It’s quite a different matter to label those of us — really the millions not only in California and Arizona, but throughout this country — who stand for marriage between one man and one woman as ‘haters’ Mrs. McCain has effectively called all of us ‘haters’ [by posing for the NOH8 campaign]. That surprises me. For those of us in Arizona who worked very hard to pass Prop. 102 in 2008, we’re offended, we’re disappointed and we’re outraged.”

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  • FakeName

    Cathi Herrod whines: For those of us in Arizona who worked very hard to pass Prop. 102 in 2008, we’re offended, we’re disappointed and we’re outraged.

    Fuck you, Nazi cooze. You campaigned hard to stomp a jackboot across the throats of your gay and lesbian neighbors and you’re getting called out on being a hateful bitch. Don’t want to be called a hater? Stop hating.

  • Qjersey

    you are haters darling.

    The “simple” belief that one group of people is more special than another group leads to hateful behaviors. Just look at the spike in hate crimes precisely in the states with anti-gay initiatives.

    Another way to put it would be is that you are trying to legislate your prejudice into discriminatory laws.

  • soul_erosion

    Cindy McCain has inserted her own little wedge issue into John’s re-election campaign and Cathi Herrod has taken the bait. Sit back and watch the Arizona republican party implode, what with a right wing radio talk show host, J.D. Hayworth, running against McCain in the primary, the perfect irony. Sarah Palin won’t know which way to turn. I wish someone with photoshop skills could scribble “Sarah” in black magic marker over Cindy’s duct tape (like when Sarah crossed out “McCain” on that sun visor in Hawaii). Let’s hope Herrod has invited Sarah to speak at some Center for Arizona Policy teabagger party. Extra butter on that popcorn, please.

  • choops

    I’m blinded by the light. God it’s so frosty, the photo, that is.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    QJersey is QCrazy. Made up Stats!

  • nsixx89

    I love the fact that Cindy McCain supports marriage equality. Thats a step in the right direction. A republican, out of all people, support marriage equality. Not to say that there arent other republicans out there that support marriage equality, But Cindy McCain, John McCain’s wife, is still a pretty big step.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    “It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you are not.”

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