Will You Cough Up Some Dough To Help Obama Get Re-Elected?

After the DADT repeal, the Justice Department’s refusal to defend DOMA, hate crimes legislation, and requiring gay partner hospital visits has Obama convinced you to shell out some cash for his re-election campaign? He hopes so because according to Politico he won’t get elected unless you poop out some money:

Gay support is particularly key this year to Obama, whose 2008 campaign raised huge sums from the very rich, just as it did from smaller donors. Now, key categories of supporters have grown leery. The left-leaning super-rich, including George Soros, see Obama as hopelessly compromised and have lost their enthusiasm for him. Some Wall Street and hedge fund executives, tired of being criticized and regulated, have switched sides. Some pro-Israel Jewish donors, a mainstay of Bill Clinton’s fundraising, dislike Obama’s pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu. And rich men on both coasts whom Clinton had accustomed to personal flattery, personal visits and late-night bull sessions have received no such personal attention from the more solitary Obama.

Though some prominent Obama fundraisers said they hope the gay donors will make up for that lost support, the campaign’s official line is that wealthy donors are as supportive as ever, and Democratic insiders stressed that they are aggressively pursuing donations from all groups.

The real question is whether you think advances in LGBT rights under Obama have happened because of him or because of public activism and behind the scenes work by queer lobbyists and organizations. Obama needs the gAyTM to finance his re-election, but are our queer dollars better spent elsewhere? And if so, what is the likelihood of socio-political backlash against gays should an anti-gay Republican win?