Will You Cough Up Some Dough To Help Obama Get Re-Elected?

After the DADT repeal, the Justice Department’s refusal to defend DOMA, hate crimes legislation, and requiring gay partner hospital visits has Obama convinced you to shell out some cash for his re-election campaign? He hopes so because according to Politico he won’t get elected unless you poop out some money:

Gay support is particularly key this year to Obama, whose 2008 campaign raised huge sums from the very rich, just as it did from smaller donors. Now, key categories of supporters have grown leery. The left-leaning super-rich, including George Soros, see Obama as hopelessly compromised and have lost their enthusiasm for him. Some Wall Street and hedge fund executives, tired of being criticized and regulated, have switched sides. Some pro-Israel Jewish donors, a mainstay of Bill Clinton’s fundraising, dislike Obama’s pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu. And rich men on both coasts whom Clinton had accustomed to personal flattery, personal visits and late-night bull sessions have received no such personal attention from the more solitary Obama.

Though some prominent Obama fundraisers said they hope the gay donors will make up for that lost support, the campaign’s official line is that wealthy donors are as supportive as ever, and Democratic insiders stressed that they are aggressively pursuing donations from all groups.

The real question is whether you think advances in LGBT rights under Obama have happened because of him or because of public activism and behind the scenes work by queer lobbyists and organizations. Obama needs the gAyTM to finance his re-election, but are our queer dollars better spent elsewhere? And if so, what is the likelihood of socio-political backlash against gays should an anti-gay Republican win?

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  • TMikel

    None of the Democratic candidates is getting a penny from me until they start to support the LGBT community and start representing the people instead of Big Business. At this point, they are little different from the GOP. Oh, for a viable third political party in this country!

  • Sam Wheat

    @TMikel: We can’t lose if we go Libertarian. Gay marriage, legal pot, and lower taxes. Democrats and Republicans will forever have an agenda. Fuck em, go Libertarian.

  • plaintom

    Yes I am going to give money and support to re-elect President Obama. Some of you may feel the Democrats have not done enough to support gay rights but do you really want the Republicans to gain the White House. Look at the hatefull legislation proposed in those states where Republicans gained control after 2010. Look at the Republican Party Platform. The choice is between a tepid ally and a dedicated enemy.

  • James

    I have to agree with Sam, I think this whole game of red versus blue is silly. Vote for who you think does the best job instead of who you think is the ‘lesser of two evils’. The republic in this country fails for that very reason, and is why I support parliamentary systems over our own.

  • Sean

    Of course I will. I’ll also be volunteering, and if I can, working for his campaign.

    He’s been an excellent president so far.

    Elections aren’t a choice between the candidate and the ideal. It’s a choice between two candidates. And Barack Obama is an excellent candidate.

  • Jake the libertarian

    In a word… NO!

  • David

    Where are the libertarian candidates?I’m sorry but your choices in 2012 will be the guy who is a little bit slow on gay right or the guy that doesn’t want gay rights.

  • BenFrankly

    I’ll tell you what. The Gay democrats I know say not a snowball’s chance in hell.

    One of my friends says the following: “Hell no! Would you shell out $45,000 if the car delaership promises you that soon you’ll get the car and not to worry, it will take a few months to get the car ready for delivery???.

    Puhlease! When Obama actually dleivers on the repeal of DADT and it ACTUALLY HAPPENS, COME AND SEE ME. If DOMA gets repealed, come and see me. If Gay marriage and gay civil unions become the law of the land come and see me.

    But be sure of this, not one red cent will go to Obama based on promises and the “we’re almost there mentaility.”

    Gays are stupid. In one hour after they let Obama know that we’re serious about withholding money until something ACTUALLY HAPPENS. Gays in the military will ACTUALLY happen. Right now gays are still prosecuted and still thrown out. Believe it.

    Tell you what Obama give me a top of the line volt and I’ll pay you as soon as I can.

    The check’s in the mail? I promise not to *** in your mouth?.”

    Message from the Service Members Legal Defense Network from TODAY:

    “Threats to open service are upon us. According to the latest reports from members of Congress and senior Republican and Democratic staffers, opponents of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) repeal are expected to offer hostile amendments this Wednesday, May 11, when the full House Armed Services Committee (HASC) meets to consider the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

    Harmful amendments and threats to turn back the clock on LGBT equality in the military are real and could be offered in 48 hours.

    Call HASC members and tell them not to reverse progress on DADT repeal.

    Thank you for taking action today to defend open service. We can ensure that repeal becomes a reality if we continue to stand strong and fight back.”

    Sure Obama. I’ll gladly give to your re-election. NOT!

  • the crustybastard

    @plaintom: “The choice is between a tepid ally and a dedicated enemy.”

    That would be correct if there were only two parties. That is not the case.

    Democrats have dithered and dawdled and farted around for decades, which is why US gays currently have fewer rights than our neighbors to the north and south. It is no longer a matter of falling behind the UK and much of Europe, we have fallen behind countries in South America, ferchrissakes.

    We don’t have time for tepid allies any more.

    The Green Party has ever been an ally of the LGBT community. We should reward their support with our own. The Democrats could use the wakeup call.

  • tjr101

    Hell YES!

  • LiberallyConnor

    I want to put my foot down and say “No! I won’t support you until you give me a real repeal of DADT, a repeal of DOMA, and equal marriage!” I also want a viable third party. Unfortunately, I can’t put my foot down, and there isn’t a viable third party. As someone who grew up in a time of relative acceptance of the LGBT community, I would never deny my support to someone who would keep a homophobe out of office, even if the other person might not be the best ally. I am absolutely terrified that a strongly homophobic Republican party would take us back to the AIDS crisis, something I only experienced through a history book. There are probably a thousand things I don’t like about President Obama, but I know for a fact that he does not want to outlaw the way I love. He doesn’t want to overturn Lawrence v. Texas, he doesn’t want to keep teachers from teaching about homosexuality, and he doesn’t think I’m damned to hell because of who I love. Guess what: the other side does. Silence is consent; we must use our votes to keep the people who hate us out of power, and push the Democrats to work even harder for our rights.

  • Ethan

    Unfortunately I will support Obama again…can you Imagine the otherside taking complete control. That my friends is a nightmare from Hell.

    Am I excited I realistic…yes

  • Mike

    Yea sure I’ll take about ten minutes to send in my absentee vote, but unlike last time, Barack isn’t going to get any door knocks, phone calls or dollars out of me.

    He was not a fierce advocate — activists and LGBT orgs had to do all the work to put those bills on his desk. He didn’t have to spend any political capital on us, so why should we spend any capital on him?

    On top of that, he has embraced so many Bush policies, including the abuse of detainees. Except this time we’re talking about abusing American servicemen (Bradley Manning) who also happen to be gay. And he thinks it’s “appropriate” when they get stripped naked and tossed in solitary….

  • Elloreigh


  • jeff4justice

    I’m glad to see many of you here are open to voting out of the 2party system.

    The 2party system is like an abuser and the victim who keeps going back no matter how bad it gets.

    We don’t need political parties and platforms. We already have an American platform – it’s the Constitution. Next, we need to learn more natural health/environmental sustainable/survivalist skills instead of being dependent on computers and service industry orientated over self-sufficiency. All the two-party system does is foster docile dependency, survival of the fittest greed, imaginary currency, and “us vs. them” perpetual conflict and fear.

    There are very two-party system candidates I would ever vote for: Republican Ron Paul or Democrats Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel.

    I’d love to see Cornel West and Jesse Ventura run.

    Check out my video:
    Election 2012 Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura? Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • jeff4justice

    Note to all those skeptical that we can ever end the 2 party system. The same self-fulfilling prophecy skepticism was how many (including many gays) felt about equal rights. We’re not 100% there, but the momentum is on the side of freedom.

    There are far more “decline to state” “independent” swing, and 2-party jaded people than us small number of LGBT folk.

    IF those of us who want to topple the 2party system organized as well as LGBT folk, Democrats and Republicans would be extinct in a decade.

  • AxelDC

    I refuse to give directly to the DNC and will save my judgment on Obama. Last year I gave to two candidates directly, both of whom were gay-friendly politicians in tight races.

  • The Artist

    Support President Obama! He can make even more changes in his next term. Remember change takes time and this administration needs more of it! PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • rextrek

    Ill give something…..but not like 2008…….the Dems are def. the LESSER evil of the 2, and I have a feeling Obama will BE -more- PRO….when he wins re-lection, cause then- and ONLY then – he’ll have NOTHING TO LOSE, and everything to gain with being on the Right side of history!

  • Cam

    Ok, as anybody on here knows, I was a HUGE critic of the way the Obama administration was handling gay rights.

    THAT SAID, although I believe the only reason they moved was because of activist and grassroots pressure (No tahnks to HRC), and the fact that the DEMS took a spanking in the last election…

    The fact is, the Dem leadership, while not really pushing for our issues without pressure….WERE suceptable to that pressure. The GOP isn’t.

    So, for bowing to our pressure, as they should have, yes, I started donating again. I did it for Congress after DADT repeal passed, and I did it for Obama when the refusal to defend DOMA was announced.

    Are they perfect? No, but they have shown that we can pressure, them, the GOP are actively working against us.

  • Bob

    Obama screwed us from day one by having that bigot Rev. Rick Warren deliver the invocation at his inauguration. He has done nothing to be the advocate for the LGBT community, as he promised. Obama was not responsible for the overturn of DADT, and he is not exactly pushing for it to be enforced. He promised us so much and delivered nothing. Now he wants our money and knows that many will still give, just to keep a Republican out. The Democrats don’t have to keep their promises to us. They know that we will vote the lesser of two evils. Yes, I will most likely vote for him for that reason, but he will not get a red cent of my money!

  • greenluv1322

    I am going to donate and mobilize voters just like the last time. He is the greatest president, EVER! OBAMA 2012!!!!!!

  • Bob

    What are you basing this on???? What has he done for us? The “greatest president ever”? No offense but are you in a dream world?

  • Sam Wheat

    @Bob: I think Greenluv actually suffers from Blackluv, which is why he thinks Brocko Bomba is a “great” president.

  • AxelDC

    @Sam Wheat: There is no room on this site for such imflammatory and racially tinged insinuations. If you don’t like the President, that’s your right, but keep your accusations to yourself.

  • Devington

    I won’t like it, but I’m sure I’ll end up voting for him again. If it comes down to Obama’s half-assed support VS. Mike Huckabee’s disdain for the fact that gays even exist, I’ll go with Obama.

    He’s not getting my money though.

  • tjr101

    @AxelDC: Sam Wheat is a libertarian (Republican in sheeps clothing) that kind of language is expected!

  • Sam

    Yes vote Libertarian, throw your votes away in a swing state and let a Rommney, Trump, Palin or Gingrich win and represent your best interests….sounds like a genius plan.

    Democratic politicians have to be calculating with gay rights especially in working class and southern Republican leaning states and districts. President Obama and a Democratic congress have had some monumental progressive changes we havent even begun to appreciate. Give it time, full equality will never been instantaneous, look at the civil rights movement of the 1960s. We’ve come so far already, let’s not let inpaitence make us apathetic or disagreeable and turn a blind eye, there’s too much at stake.

  • Sam Wheat

    @AxelDC: Had no intention of offending your sensitivities, Ax, but I believe this IS a site for opinions, not a refuge for the easily insulted. I suggest that if you don’t want to read opinions that don’t jibe with yours, that you stop reading opinion posts.

  • Brutus

    “The real question is whether you think advances in LGBT rights under Obama have happened because of him or because of public activism and behind the scenes work by queer lobbyists and organizations.”

    This isn’t the real question at all. This is what you are saying:

    1. Politician holds position A.
    2. Lobbyists push for position B.
    3. Politician listens to lobbyists, reconsiders, adopts position B.
    4. The same lobbyists who pushed for position B now accuse the politician of adopting position B only out of political need/expediency, even though they are the ones who created said need.

    Do you realize how asinine that is? All that happened is that politics WORKED.

    Obama probably won’t get any money from me, but that’s only because he’s got ’12 in the bag unless the economy is still sputtering and the GOP puts up Romney.

  • Gordon

    @Sam Wheat: You really are an ignoramus. You didn’t express an opinion. You made a gratuitously offensive racial insult. Just the fact that people like you oppose Barack Obama make me want to donate to him until it hurts.

  • ewe

    I don’t care if Obama is reelected. We just have to throw everything into the courts like politicians do.

  • tjr101

    @ewe: The courts are stacked with conservatives, elections have consequences.

  • Travon F.

    You guys can bitch and moan about obama being slow to move all you want but the fact of the matter is he’s moving. Let a republican take over the white house and you can all thank your little bitch fits for setting back the fight for gay rights another 20 years when the republicans try to undo everything he’s done and bring all legislative progress to a dead halt. Be grateful he dd what the last two presidents didn’t do, make america a BETTER place for lgbt people.

  • InMyMindsAyn

    How am I supposed to donate money when Barack Obama’s economic illiteracy has driven the unemployment rate through the roof while digging us trillions of dollars deeper in debt? I have no job. Is everyone on here so insanely selfish that they’d rather see Obama reelected (despite still not openly supporting gay marriage) and watch their fellow countrymen lose their dignity due to joblessness? To hell with that, I’ll vote for Michele Bachmann over the Obama catastrophe any day of the week. Not all gays consider themselves property of the Democrat Party.

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