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With Donation to NH’s Kelly Ayotte, Mary Cheney Continues Financial Support of Anti-Gay Candidates


Mary Cheney’s donation of $500 to Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire’s Republican 2010 Senate candidate, is really just pocket change is the grand scheme of things. But Cheney has publicly spoken about how she supports same-sex marriage, and yet she’s donating to Ayotte (who wants to replace retiring GOP Sen. Judd Gregg), who does not. But Mary has a history of pulling for politicos who don’t support her right to marry, last year donating to Ohio Republican Rep. Rob Portman’s Senate campaign. Though last time around she was more generous; Portman got a full thousand.

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  • Kris

    Mary Cheney is clearly not much brighter than that douchebag father of hers.

  • CJ

    If you’re sent money to Obama or H. Clinton you’re also supporting inequality. Neither of them supporting full marriage equality.

  • Joe

    Mary Cheney is a dispicable twat who is only concerned about protecting her money and getting more of it.

  • S

    I have personally observed (and believe it to be a common pattern of behavior) many persons who are secure and/or privileged to adopt an attitude of relative indifference toward the struggles those who do not enjoy these advantages.

    Graned Ms. Cheney is not married, but she is in a stable long term relationship with the support of her family. Her financial security and status are sufficient so she is far less vulnerable than most LGBTs regarding possible employment and housing discrimination or even social or physical bullying.

    It could be stated more sharply as “I’ve got mine, so the hell with you.”

  • Chris

    @S: Amen, she’ll never have to worry, her daddy was VP. This is why she supports McCollum, who wants to ban gay parenting of all kinds in Florida. Shame on her!

  • David

    She looks like Dick. I hope she inherited his heart as well.

  • Schteve

    WTF? Do you suggest she be a single issue voter? Hell, if that was the case then everyone on this blog would have to vote for someone other than Obama. As CJ points out, he doesn’t support same-sex marriage either.


    Such a demented bitch, these repugnaticans would sell their own soul to toe the party line…………

    @David: Funny you mention Dick, could never understand how such a heartless bastard could actuall have so cardiac issues………..


    Arrruggh, damm you Queerts put a preview feature in!

    actually have so many cardiac issues……..

  • David

    Just looking at these two makes all the blood drain out of my entire crotch region.

  • Cam

    She lives a consequence free existance, no anti-gay laws can touch the daughter of the former Vice President of the U.S. It’s the same reason why Barney Frank keeps telling gays to shut up and stop fighting for our rights. It’s because as a congressman he has no issues with our everyday struggles.

    Mary Cheney reminds me of the type of woman who would do business with the Taliban because she didn’t live in Afghanistan and it was good for business, so who cares how they treat women.

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