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Woman confronts gay best friend for sleeping with her boyfriend in dramatic TikTok video

A Tiktok video of a young woman calling out her gay best friend for having sex with her boyfriend has gone viral.

TikTok user allyvlogs1 uploaded the video earlier this week. It shows a group of five college students playing a game of “Put a Finger Down.”

The first three questions are pretty innocent–“Put a finger down if you’ve ever been drunk,” “Put a finger down if you’ve ever worn a crusty sock,” and “Put a finger down if you’ve ever been outside of Europe”–but it’s the fourth question that sets everything off.

“Put a finger down if one of your best friends slept with your boyfriend and the rest of your friends didn’t tell you about it for over six months,” the young woman says.

There’s an awkward pause as all the friends look around at one another. Then the man in the group says, “Who the f*ck told her?!”

Chaos ensues.

The man and woman erupt into a screaming match. Eventually, she storms out of the room. Moments later, the two can be heard hollering at one another from the other side of a door.

“It’s not my fault that your boyfriend prefers me over you!” the man yells. “And it’s not my fault that your boyfriend is GAY!”


People have had quite a bit to say about the video since it was uploaded to Twitter. Many would like to see a sequel. Others claim the whole thing is scripted. But if that’s the case, then these are some seriously good actors.

Check out some of the comments…

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