WTF: Jaheem Herrera’s Suicide NOT Linked to Anti-Gay Bullying


“Shocked and strongly disheartened” is how the family of Jaheem Herrera feels after an investigation into the 11-year-old boy’s suicide concluded anti-gay bullying was not part of the reason he killed himself last month.

You can imagine how much of a shock that is to Jahmee’s mother Masika Bermudez, who had to help her daughter pull Jaheem down from where he was hanging in their Georgia home.

So what did cause the suicide? Retired Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore, who reviewed the investigation, says Jaheem was emotionally ruined by his uncle being recently shot to death and his grandmother’s recent passing. (The school has already denied any responsibility.)

This, despite all of the harassment other students inflicted on Jaheem, which got so bad his mother had to report it to administrators. And that Jaheem was taunted in school the same day he took his own life.

Bermudez, who is suing the school district, doesn’t see eye to eye.

In a statement, the family said: “We strongly and respectfully disagree with the results of the investigation. Further, we know that when all the facts come out, those facts will show that bullying occurs at Dunaire Elementary School. That intense bullying was the cause of the wrongful death of Jaheem Herrera.” Added Masika: “Nobody knows the pain that I am feeling … I don’t care what everybody at the system says, I’m not going to give up. Jaheem’s pain was caused by bullying at Dunaire, period. I am Jaheem Luis Herrera’s voice. I am gonna fight until the end for my son.”

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