Yahoo Joins In Gay Pride

Yahoo Gay Pride

When Orbitz first launched its specialized gay travel section a few years ago, we were delighted to see even us “outcasts” were being welcomed into corporate America. And now Yahoo, the search behemoth, is making a move that just might steer us away from Google for a few days. The Sunnyvale, Calif. company just launched a Gay Pride microsite, bringing together Flickr-powered photos, events listings, dating, and custom answers to any questions you might have.

All of this just in time for Los Angeles Pride, which kicks off in West Hollywood Park. Well, the parade begins there, but the partying will certainly begin in full force at The Abbey. Naturally, we want your photos, so bring your Nikon along with you and keep our email address close.

And whatever you decide to wear to Pride, it might be wise to remember which stores aren’t welcoming your cash.

Yahoo! Gay Pride
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