Double trouble

When you’re handsome gay twins, expect some seriously creepy messages on Grindr

Much like entering junior high, downloading Grindr onto your phone guarantees you’ll face at least a nominal level of cruelty.

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But if you happen to have a gay twin who’s also on Grindr, that means you can expect double the obnoxious messages from anonymous trolls.

This factoid becomes clear watching a Facebook vid recently posted by The Zakar Twins.

Born and raised in Troy, Michigan, Michael and Zack are models with a joint Instagram account, and they regularly share pictures like this:

No. My hand's NOT on Michael's dick. ??

A photo posted by Zakar Twins (@zakartwins) on

Friday Night. ??

A photo posted by Zakar Twins (@zakartwins) on

Now perhaps these photos encourage a certain amount of speculation on the part of the viewer, and while they never make it clear whether they have a joint Grindr account or whether their profile pictures happen to feature both of them, we’re going to assume the latter.

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That’s why they’ve grown accustomed to receiving Grindr messages like this:

At least they seem to have a good attitude about the whole situation, as you’ll see below.

Watch (click the speaker icon to get the sound to come on):


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