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You’re Probably Wondering: What On Earth Is Going on With This T-Shirt?

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It’s been a wild week for ill-advised gay-themed T-shirts, what with The Presidential Campaign of the Apocalypse rolling out the grammatically- and ethically-incorrect “LGBTQ for Trump” T-shirt.

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But somehow, that particular monstrosity has already been eclipsed by the thoroughly misguided fashion statement you can skunk-eye above; a cadaver-gray cotton top that suggests LGBT really stands for “liberty, guns, beer, and tits.”

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We were tipped off to the shirt’s existence by Gay Star Newswho first learned about it from this tweet by Jar Jar Bindz:

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As we scramble to find out who manufactures this particular T-shirt — and not because it would help us strike up all the conversations at our local gay bar — let’s take a look at how Twitter reacted to this discovery: