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YouTube comic Michael Henry takes on GHB use among gay men

Michael Henry on GHB
(Photo: YouTube)

YouTube comic Michael Henry’s latest video covers a serious topic in his typically humorous fashion.

Henry and two friends are discussing going to a party that evening. One of his friends, played by Michael Farris, reveals he needs to go home and prepare his “special cocktail.”

Henry and his other friend, played by Chris Renfro, ask him what he’s talking about, and he reveals he’s talking about G, otherwise known as GHB.

“Isn’t that what they use as a date rape drug?” asks Henry.

“I guess some people could use it for that,” replies Fariss, dismissively.

Henry and Renfro’s characters then go on to question their friend’s drug of choice and ask about the risks. These include death if one takes even just a little bit too much. Similarly, if you mix it with alcohol or other drugs, it can lead to… well, death again.

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Fariss’ character then goes on to reveal that he had passed out on G on one occasion, leaving him “in a paralyzed-like state” with “heart palpitations” and “completely incoherent … my friends say I projectile vomited and fell through a skylight.”

Henry and Renfro are horrified.

“But before that, I was horny as hell,” Fariss’s character offers by way of defense. He goes on to say that drinking is also dangerous and he’s seen his friends wasted and incoherent on liquor, “so spare me the psychoanalysis, sis.”

“People can make whatever decisions they want to make,” says Henry. “But intentionally ingesting something that’s also called a date-rape drug? I’m still not getting it.”

Behind the humor, the video offers a very serious message. It is very easy to overdose on G. Many gay men are known to have lost their lives to it or have been sexually assaulted whilst under its influence.

G’s scientific names are gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB) or gammabutyrolactone (GBL). GBL is converted into GHB in your body when ingested, and in some places, it is more common than GHB.

However you take G, it’s very easy to overdose. This can lead to a G-induced coma, which leaves you vulnerable to being assaulted.

Earlier this year, a man was sent to prison in England for raping over 100 men that he’d drugged with what most experts believe was G. Most of his victims had no idea they’d been raped until contacted at a later date by police, who’d found video footage on the rapist’s phone.

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A slightly greater dose of G can lead to respiratory collapse and death. These adverse health risks are increased further if mixed with other drugs or alcohol.

If all that weren’t enough to make you think twice, bear in mind that GHB is also physically addictive and addicts will usually need medical help to be weaned off the drug.


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