Comic Michael Henry makes a serious short film that really hits home

Michael Henry in Adjacent
Michael Henry in Adjacent (Photo: YouTube)

YouTuber Michael Henry is known for his short, comic videos which typically and humorously explore facets of gay life.

However, not all aspects of life can be treated in the same way. His latest YouTube upload is an 11-minute short movie about sexual consent that he says he and his friends have been working on for months.

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In the movie, entitled Adjacent, Michael and his friends are shown getting ready for a typical night out. They’re drinking and bitching with one another, talking about sex and men and how badly they’d like to get laid.

If you don’t want any spoilers, don’t read any further and just watch the hard-hitting movie below. However, as Michael warns in the accompanying YouTube caption: “This video does deal with some subject matter that will be considered extra sensitive and/or triggering to some.”

Michael and his two friends go to a club. They continue drinking and eyeing up other guys. Michael picks up a handsome stranger and goes back to his apartment for sex. Although Michael says he’s only looking to perform oral sex on his pickup, the man has other ideas.

What happens makes for uncomfortable viewing. It’s perhaps even all the more shocking because we’ve grown to know Michael’s funny, wise-cracking and sweet persona through his other videos, and to watch someone we’ve grown to love being violated is all the more shocking.

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Unfortunately, the scenario is not far-fetched and is something many gay men may identify with.

Indeed, many of those commentating on the video say it’s very identifiable.

“How many of us have experienced something like this before? I know I have…Michael. This may be a far cry from your usual videos, but all the same, very well done. I hope some people can learn from this,” commented one.

Another simply said, “Thank you for bringing awareness to such an important issue!”

If you’ve been the victim of sexual assault and want to talk to someone, contact RAINN in the US. 800.656.HOPE (4673)