Unwanted touch

YouTuber Bryan Hawn is the latest to accuse Topher DiMaggio of sexual assault

Following Tegan Zayne’s allegations earlier in January, plus two more men coming forward with similar stories of rape, YouTuber Bryan Hawn has accused adult star Topher DiMaggio of sexual assault.

Speaking to Instinct, Hawn said: “Last year, I was at Mickey’s in Los Angeles where [DiMaggio] was hosting for the night, and he came up to me, grabbed me by the legs trying to pick me up and put his hands on my ass.”

“I yelled for him to stop several times in the middle of the club and he persisted. The club went silent as everyone was staring at me. I had to wrestle with all my strength to get him off of me, he was so incredibly aggressive.”

That’s when Bryan says DiMaggio got verbally confrontational:

“When he finally stopped, he proceeded to call me a pussy, and tell me that I need to learn how to be more of a man. He continued calling me names as we walked back to his friends who were completely embarrassed for him.

To put your hands on somebody that you do not know in such an incredibly aggressive manner. It was wrong on every level. I am certain I am not the first guy that has experienced this unwanted attention and probably not the last.”

While Bryan’s story luckily ends there, it does touch upon a problem of unwanted touch that persists in many gay spaces, even in the era of #MeToo.

He adds:

“I can only imagine in a bedroom setting. That is scary to think about. Just because somebody works in an industry promoting their physique does not grant anyone permission to put their hands on someone’s body.

This is not a petting zoo.”

Hawn is known for his musical YouTube parody videos that always feature him in various manner of undress.

He says DiMaggio is far from the first to mistake that as permission to lay their hands on him without consent.

“Topher is not the only one in the community that has crossed that boundary. If you don’t self control, you shouldn’t be allowed in the club, and alcohol and drugs does not make it excusable or acceptable.”

DiMaggio has strongly denied the original allegations of rape against him made by Tegan Zayne, saying: “These horrific accusations have shocked me to my core. All of my relations with this person have been consensual and willing.”

He has not responded to subsequent stories.