17-year-old charged with murder used Grindr to find his victims

Damarion Degrate mugshot.

Prosecutors in Texas have formally charged 17-year-old Damarion Degrate with murder in connection with the shooting of a man he met on Grindr last August.

Police in Waco originally arrested Degrate following the shooting of three gay men on August 17, The Waco Tribune-Herald reports. All three men had met with Degrate on Grindr prior to their deaths.

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“It was through this app that Degrate communicated with the victims and made plans to meet up with them,” police said in a statement. “After meeting up with the victims, Degrate shot all three of them.”

The formal murder charges come in connection to the death of Jonathan Breeding, 23 on August 17. Chat records show that Degrate chatted and agreed to meet with Breeding just prior to his death. The charges allege that Degrate shot Breeding in his car. Breeding then escaped before crashing his car into a pole several blocks away. He died in the hospital of his wounds later that night.

Investigations into the other two shootings–also linked to Degrate–remain ongoing, and no further charges have been filed thus far.

Earlier this year, police in New York arrested a man for murdering a Grindr hook-up with a machete.  Also in New York, a man was robbed at gunpoint after agreeing to meet a man he chatted up on the app.