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4 Grindr dating horror stories that’ll keep you up at night

The unattached gay people of today know it best: Grindr is a place where anything can happen. From finding a nice, decent date to meeting up with strangers for a quickie, this gay dating app has everything you could want. 

But be warned: the Grindr memes littered all over Instagram, Twitter, and other social media networks have some truth to them. Users from all over the world have shared dating horror stories for everyone to gasp and gawk at…and, hopefully, learn from.

Here are some of the juiciest (possibly true) Grindr horror stories, as told by the gay people of the internet. We’ve also dropped a few memes in there to keep things from getting too scary.

Grindr Story #1: “Wouldn’t It Be Strange If You Disappeared Tonight?”

Our first spine-chilling story features a young mortuary sciences student on a nighttime date with a seemingly nice man. He sent a pre-date photo to his Grindr match, and everything seemed fine. After a relatively nice dinner and movie, the young student found himself at his date’s place. They talked about life in general, but the conversation took a sharp left after Grindr guy found out our student works with literal dead people.

Here’s how the heart-stopping conversation happened, according to Reddit user Troupe_Lead_Zirconia:

He proceeded to ask me if I was ever scared to go on dates. I, of course, said no, but then he started asking pretty dark questions: What would happen if I died on this date? What would you do with my body? Would you hold me until the ambulance arrived? Can I use cement to bury a body?

I pulled my pants up when he asked: wouldn’t it be strange if you just disappeared tonight?

We don’t blame him for ditching his Grindr match as soon as he came to realize things were getting super weird. It’d probably be a while until we’re back scrolling through the gay dating app looking for another hook-up, too.

Grindr Story #2: Edward Scissorhands

Hooking up with strangers is the name of the game on Grindr, which is true for many adventurous gay guys. A standout Grindr story features Reddit user ishxoxo8’s friend, where he recounts one of the most horrific things that happened to him while hanging with a date.

His friend (Larry) met up with his Grindr date (let’s call him George) after swapping pictures and memes, and they had a pretty lovely night together over dinner and a good heart-to-heart conversation. After learning that George had just split up with his ex-boyfriend, Larry found himself heating things up. 

They headed to George’s apartment, and the clothes came straight off. But then they heard a commotion coming from outside the apartment.

Their night of play was interrupted when George’s actual boyfriend (not ex, colossal difference) walked in on them, wielding scissors with a murderous look in his eye. The “ex” jumped on George, basically going for the jugular and screaming the entire way. Finally, Larry found an exit and made a beeline for it – completely butt naked. 

He doesn’t believe in sleeping with random guys from Grindr anymore.

Grindr Story #3: There Was Another Pair Of Hands

If you’ve ever been a gay man on a dating app like Grindr, you’ll know that sometimes it can feel like slim pickings out there. This is especially true when every other gay man doesn’t even have a decent photo posted. But for men like Steven (not his real name), finding world-class ass is easy – until the person it’s attached to tries to lure you into a dangerous situation.

One cool summer night many years ago, Steven matched with a “cute, rural-hippie type of guy” at around 3AM while scrolling through Grinder. He was attractive, sent top-tier memes, and was down for a bit of NSA hooking up. There was one issue, though: the cute hippie lived out in an RV in a nondescript location, which Steven now has come to realize was super sketchy. He even almost got lost on the way there.

Steven eventually found his way and drove a couple of miles out of the city to park near the RV’s location. The vehicle itself seemed okay enough, and it matched the photo Mr. Cute Grindr Hippie sent. Steven sent a message through his Grindr app, but the cute hippie refused to meet him outside the vehicle. Instead, he responded through the app, asking Steven to come up to the door of the car. Naturally, Steven was hesitant.

With his flashlight app in hand, Steven approached and finally got a good look at the other man. He looked exactly like the photo he posted on Grindr, except there was a pair of hands squeezing his neck from behind. Steven finally wised up and took this as a sign to high-tail it out of there. 

Were they a weird couple looking for a third? Was the cute hippie in real trouble? Was he dead? We’ll never know, but that’s what makes this one of our favorite gay dating horror stories.

Grindr Story #4: The Upstate Grappler

Our next protagonist is Reddit user Thrustrations. Like every other person who’s shared their story, he’s a gay man on Grindr who uses it for meeting up with other men for play, content for memes, and other things. But even after using the app to meet up with a couple of cute gay guys, nothing could’ve prepared him for his trip to upstate New York.

Thrustrations opened up his Grindr app on a frigid winter evening because he was, in truth, basically super horny (his words) and wanted to see what was out there. He received a message from a gay man living in upstate New York and headed out after a quick Google location search. 

Thrustrations arrived around 9PM to find his Grindr match (let’s call him David) smoking out by his porch. David was a little more tired-looking than the photo posted on the app, but Thrustrations “wasn’t picky”, so he approached the house anyway. David basically leapt off his porch and led him over to the side of the house, which Thrustrations took as a good sign. 

He was about to let things run their course until David made a heart-stopping demand: for Thrustrations to get in the basement. That’s when he came to realize this seemingly innocuous Grindr meetup was getting too real, too fast. Thrustrations asked David why the basement…and discovered it was because his wife and kid were upstairs.

Before Thrustrations could make a real attempt at running away, David’s hand clamped onto his arm. He pulled him hard down the steps. But Thrustrations wasn’t going without a fight – he kicked and screamed the entire way, somehow managing to land a solid kick to David’s shin. This caught David off-guard, and he released his grip.

Heart pumping, Thrustrations made a break for it. He dashed into his car, fleeing from his Grindr meeting and vowing never to do it again – or at least with the gay men of upstate New York.

Grindr Horror Stories – It Could Happen To Anyone

Hooking up and meeting people on Grindr is supposed to be fun, but so many things can go completely sideways in the process. You can get catfished, fooled, or even robbed if you’re not careful – and that’s why it’s so important to stay vigilant and listen to your gut. 

But if you’ve been in a less-than-safe situation and lived to tell the tale, share it with us in the comments, so other folks know what to look out for.