Cool Cabo

4 reasons Cabo is the new kind of gay hotspot

You could use a break, and we know just the place — a place where warm beaches, ridiculously good food, and beautiful resorts culminate in an unparalleled vacation destination.

Cabo San Lucas offers all this, plus low-key but friendly gay life — perfect for people who want to avoid over-the-top scenes like Miami and Fort Lauderdale but still gets lots of gay in. It’s the new kind of LGBTQ-friendly destination, where you can be like everyone else but still feel totally comfortable being yourself with your friends and partners.

Here, visitors and locals mingle on long sprawling beaches, tanning, biking, scuba diving, and sailing their hearts out. And it’s super-easy to make quick trips to old town resort city San José del Cabo.

There, you’ll soak in 18th-century Spanish colonial architecture and absorb the super-chill local scene: the art galleries, beautiful churches, inexcusably good restaurants (we’re looking at you, Don Sanchez), and the Palmilla Golf Club, if that’s your thing.

Here’s 4 reasons you should immediately put Cabo San Lucas on your travel itinerary.

1. The beaches

In Cabo San Lucas, there are miles of unspoiled sandy beaches to swim and float in the warm sea. Feeling sporty? Set up a volleyball net, you animal. If you’re like us, you’ll be content just chilling with a Cerveza or margarita–or five. The busiest section of the beach is near downtown Cabo, but the sands along the coast are so vast, you’ll easily locate a private spot to tan in that barely-there swimsuit or canoodle with the raucous friend of your choosing.

2. The food

One advantage to dining in Mexico? The cocktail menus offer innumerable local tequilas and handcrafted cocktails that just can’t be found north of the border. Hacienda Cocina y Cantina, the restaurant at Hacienda Beach Club & Residences at Medano Beach, is one of many to merge traditional Mexican cuisine with casual beachfront dining (which you can enjoy while gazing plaintively out at the ocean, naturally.)

This luxurious resort, set up along a private stretch of Medano beach, offers direct access to the sands, plus a whirlwind of shopping, dining, sightseeing, and nightlife options.

3. The bar

So. There’s only one gay bar in Cabo San Lucas — but it’s the only one you’ll need. Its name,  Chandeliers Night Club, shouldn’t be taken literally, since there’s actually only one chandelier in the place. No matter. On the bustling Friday night we were there, there were plenty of guys and none of them were exactly coy. If you don’t feel like rubbing elbows with the tourists and locals milling around the joint, it’s the idea spot to meet that Grindr date (even though that’s unlikely since Grindr is not exactly overly populated in this part of Mexico.) Thus this bar is the center of Cabo’s gay life, and it’s worth the trip alone.

4. The hotels and villas

There are many ways to enjoy Cabo. The resorts in Cabo San Lucas itself, such as ME Cabo, are perfect for a luxurious stay or even a wedding party.

For couples or groups, especially wedding parties, we suggest the mini-mansions offered by CaboVillas.

In particular, Villa Tranquilidad is to die for. Seriously, round up your 7 best buds and arrange a stay right now at this seven bedroom study in tasteful luxury. There’s a huge private beach right below the infinity pool, huge patio and hot tub with ocean views, multiple living rooms. Most of the bedrooms have their own private patios with ocean views. The gourmet kitchen comes either fully stocked so you can cook yourself or with your own Mexican chef and staff who will whip up astounding Mexican means, breakfast lunch and dinner.

Yes, they’re pricey–$3,000 per night in some cases–but with multiple bedrooms big enough for two, it’s definitely doable if you assemble a fair amount of adventurers to come with you.

While you’re at it, go for broke and hire your own local chef to serve two to three meals a day right there in the villa (you deserve it), and even enjoy a hand-cooked meal by the pool or by the sea (you deserve that, too).

It’s inexpensive, and the villas are so nice, you won’t feel a strong desire to go out to eat, except, perhaps on the weekends, when Cabo is rocking.

Special thanks to CaboVillas