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The 5 most chaotic Chromatica Ball moments (so far!)

Lady Gaga touring her latest album was bound to be a rollercoaster, and Miss Germanotta is delivering.

The world of Chromatica has proven to be a strange place where folks get apprehended, secretly recorded, and somehow forget how to spell.

While we may never replicate the “Scheiße fan” moment (or god forbid, the hip injury moment), this latest stint on the road has given us plenty of fun, surprising, memeable events.

Here are just a few of the Chromatica Ball things the Little Monsters will remember, for better or worse:

Gaga surprise-taping her entire LA concert

Dress to impress when you head to a Gaga show, you never when she’s gonna have “30 cameras pointed at you”.

These poor Fame Monsters missing a phonics lesson

AGAG? No… GAAG? Not quite…

The audience giving back — in the worst way

Whoever threw that doll, your mom’s a ***.

Protesters trying to crash the party and getting locked up

How’re you gonna hate from outside the tour? You can’t even get in!

This security guard getting paid to slay

Their boss told them to “protect and serve,” but they only heard the last part.

We personally can’t wait to see how the rest of the tour turns out!

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