8 Mega-Wealthy Gays: Who Are They, How’d They Make Bank, And Are They Single?

Tim Gill, 58
Estimated net worth:
  $400 million
How he made his money:
Computer software
Pet causes:
The Gill Foundation, Gill Action Fund

Tim Gill filled his coffers in the first computer-boom era by founding Quark with a $2,000 loan from his parents. (A fact you might want to remind Mom and Dad of the next time you hit them up for cash.) As a software provider, the Colorado-based company was highly successful but it took a serious nosedive when it tried to expand into other areas. (Gill was forced to lay off half his employees.) The introduction of QuarkXPress in 1987 put the company back on track and made Gill a millionaire many times over. He sold his interest in Quark in 2000 and began focusing full time on philanthropy and gay activism.  

It was the passage of Colorado’s Amendment 2, which outlawed laws banning discrimination against gays, which sparked Gill’s interest in LGBT advocacy in the early 1990s.  Since then, he has funneled nearly $200 millions toward gay causes with the charitable Gill Foundation and the political-orientated Gill Action Fund. In 2003, Gill created as a social-media tool to connect gays and lesbians in political action. (He closed the company in 2011.)

Wealthy, active and community minded? He’s certainly a catch. But, sorry fellas, Gill is taken: He and banker Scott Miller married in Massachusetts in 2009.

Photo: The Gill Foundation