A Knight To Remember

Named Reginald Kenneth Dwight at birth, Elton John was dubbed “Sharon,” by Rod Stewart. Elton reciprocated by naming Rod “Phyllis.” Queerty of course wishes for Sharon and Phyllis to be the happiest girls in the panties shoppe.


You might have thought you learned everything worth knowing about Elton John when he was associate producer of The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne. But then you realized there was a lot left to learn about him when he was the executive producer for Women Talking Dirty. What’s left to reveal could come in John’s 2006’s flick It’s a Boy Girl Thing.

Or it could come in a sitcom. ABC has approved the showing of a pilot for a mirth and girth fest based on Sharon’s real life as an aging rocker, tentatively titled Him and Us. We just hope that in the episode that shows Elton being knighted, celebrity guest Queen Elizabeth II gets the hot camera angles she deserves.