A List‘s Taylor Garrett Speaks Out About Rock Incident

A-List: Dallas cast member  has finally made a statement regarding the vandalism incident some are calling a publicity stunt.

Earlier this week Garrett tweeted that a rock had been thrown through his apartment window, with an expletive-laden note calling him out for being a gay Republican attached. Gay blogger Joe Jervis called the incident a “transparent publicity stunt” because Garrett did not file a police report. Four days after the incident went public Garrett filed a report.

But now, in an interview with HuffPo, Garrett says a report was originally filed by his building’s super when the incident was first discovered.

I was in LA last week filming with Ann Coulter. I got back late, late, late on Thursday night. I woke up to a knock on my door. It was our apartment manager and he told me that there was broken glass on my balcony. I didn’t realize that my window had been broken because my window is double paned and it had only broken on the outside. I didn’t realize it Thursday night when I got in. So the manager told me that he had filed a police report and the security guard that lives on site — he’s also a police officer — was there and he said he put my information in the police report. So, I didn’t call the police myself because they had already done it for me. Then, I called the detective to talk about it and they said, “Your name isn’t on the report.” And I said, “What?” So, that’s when I called and made my own report. If [the person who did this] really is crazy and intent on hurting me and I went missing, I want a report with my name on it so there’s a record of this.

We’re still kind of stunned about the whole thing. Seriously—a rock? What is this, the Middle Ages? Use Twitter like everyone else!