A Long History Of Gay Scandals

Paul Priore’s resurrected Yankees scandal ain’t the first public gay scandal. In fact, we homos have quite a history of alleged misconduct.

Looking for some storied cases? Well, the editors over at GLBTQ have organized a three month retrospective of some outrageous homo history, including a little something called the Cleveland Street Scandal:

In July 1889, a male brothel was discovered to be operating in a residence on Cleveland Street, in London’s West Side. The press insinuated that prominent aristocrats, including Lord Arthur Somerset, head of the Prince of Wales’s stables, and Prince Albert Victor, Queen Victoria’s [pictured] grandson, were regular and frequent customers. Intensifying the scandal were allegations of a government cover-up to protect these “distinguished” and “highly placed” gentlemen.

Washington DC would be rocked by a similar scandal exactly one century later.

What a queer coincidence.