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Aaron Schock dares to show his face—and abs—at a NYC leather bar, and Gay Twitter™ is not having it

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: A disgraced former Congressman walks into a gay bar… and Twitter makes sure he doesn’t show his face there ever again.

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Over the weekend, New York City leather bar The Eagle posted photos of their harness-bound patrons on Instagram—as they so often do. But in that sea of abs, perusers clocked one specific bar-goer who, frankly, has no business showing his face in queer establishments: Aaron Schock.

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Yes, that guy. The two-term House Representative for Illinois who resigned after he was caught misappropriating his campaign funds—remember? You know, the one that repeatedly voted for anti-LGBTQ legislation, then came out in 2020, and has yet to actually apologize or make amends in any meaningful way?

Yeah, we had forgotten about him too.

Anyway, the photo—of Schock standing beside two presumed friends, chests bared—has since been deleted. And, in fairness, it’s possible that whoever posted the photo on The Eagle’s Instagram didn’t recognize him. (Again, when’s the last time he was relevant?) Still, the pic was up for long enough that screenshots were taken, and now it’s making the rounds on Gay Twitter™ where folks have some choice words.

User @Mikey_Sul sees the photo as an indictment of the entire gay community, remarking that it’s a “Pathetic” sign of how low people will go for “a guy with abs.”

It’s their post that’s been racking up engagement over the past two days, with a number of replies and quote-tweets ranging from, “WHO???”…

… to utter contempt for Schock and everything he stands for:

But that’s just scratching the surface of the reactions from Gay Twitter™, who have thoughts on everything from Schock’s photo companions to their styles choices. Below, we’ve compiled a few more of the internet’s fieriest and funniest takes:

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