Actor Hugh Sheridan reveals he’s had relationships with men and women


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A well-known Australian actor, Hugh Sheridan, has opened up about his sexuality in Sunday magazine, Stellar.

Sheridan, 34, is a familiar face on Australian screens, with a long-running role in the TV show Packed To The Rafters, and its more recent follow-up, Back To The Rafters. He’s also played opposite Rebel Wilson and Delta Goodrem in movies.

His private life has long been the subject of rumor and speculation, but until now, he has refused to offer details to the press.

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Sheridan penned an essay for the magazine to explain why he had previously declined to talk about his love life.


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Tomorrow 🙂 read Stellar for my essay… so many great things to tell you. This, my friends, is only the beginning!! X h @stellarmag

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He talked about being bullied as a child, being encouraged by early mentors – some of them gay – to keep any same-sex relationships under wraps for the sake of his career and finally gaining the self-confidence to reveal more about himself.

He said he had a relationship with a man when younger, but is currently single: “And everyone is on the smorgasbord!”


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“I’ve never felt I really knew who I was and I didn’t like the sounds of the labels that people were giving me so I decided to say nothing.

“But lockdown gave me time to reflect and it occurred to me that no-one ever sticks up for people who don’t pick a label.”

He added he was “never ashamed” of his sexuality, but, “Some people are working things out slower than others.”

“There must be a lot more people out there who feel how I feel – like the words still don’t fit.”

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On the advice he received to not talk about his sexuality when younger, he said, “Figuring out that I connected with the same sex the way I did the opposite sex was almost a relief, so that advice was confusing.

“The way it was explained to me was that women wouldn’t want to pay to see a movie or TV show if they knew they couldn’t have sex with the leading man. And it made me angry.”

He said also said not to judge others for how to they choose to label – or not label – their sexuality.

He also said, “Everything happens for a reason. Never judge someone unless you’ve walked in their shoes.”


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