Ad Seeking Roommate Says Heteros, Non-Vegans, Or “Jerks” Need Not Apply

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A group of New Zealand roommates seeking a fourth have released a detailed list of requirements applicants must adhere to if they want the privilege of living with them.

“We don’t want to live with a couple, a heterosexual person, or someone who is loud at night, or drinks/does drugs/party[s] a lot,” the ad, which was published on the website Trade Me and then posted last week to Reddit, reads.

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It continues: “We want to live with someone who is relaxed, motivated, grown up, reliable, considerate, child friendly, LGBTQIA+, vegetarian or vegan.”

(We can’t help but note the irony of the word “relaxed” in this situation.)

The roomies go on to say they are “feminist/politically switched on adults” and that they also did not want to live with anyone who is “racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic [sic], hates sex workers, hates migrants or is otherwise a jerk.”

(Sounds like a fun, carefree bunch, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to hang out with them every day?)

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Since the ad went viral, it has received criticism for being discriminatory against straight people.

“I can’t help but to think about is this sort of segregation,” on Reddit user noted. “The rejection of heterosexual people leads to this ‘Us vs Them’ mentality.”

“Would it be just as effective if it said ‘no homosexuals’ instead?” another person questioned.

“One does not fight discrimination with discrimination,” a third person wrote. “It’s senseless, and cannot be reasonably justified. If people want acceptance, tolerance, and harmony among people, it mightn’t hurt to be the ones to first start showing it.”

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Others have simply noted that the strict criteria might make it difficult for them to find anyone, LGBTQIA or +, to live with them at all.

“Honestly, the weirdest thing in the ad is that they are specifically asking for a person with literally no opinion on anything,” one Reddit user noted. “It basically says if there is anything in this world you dislike, don’t apply.”

“The flatmate must love everyone and everything,” another person wrote. “That means they cannot have any personal opinions. Literally.”

“Wouldn’t it have been more efficient to put an up an ad asking for a rabbit?” a third person said.

After receiving backlash, the roommates updated the ad to say:

We live in a society in which transgender people face high levels of housing discrimination. An extremely high number of transgender people are homeless, in unstable or unsuitable housing, and regularly face housing discrimination. We are routinely turned away from flats for being trans.

Heterosexual cisgender people do not need anti-discrimination legislation to protect their rights, because their rights are already respected. You are not being discriminated against by us, we just don’t want to live with you. Sorry your feelings are hurt, but we don’t really care, we’re busy surviving in a society which is hostile to our existence.

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h/t: New Zealand Herald