Craigslist Poster Hosts Wet Underwear Contest In Search Of New Roommate

Pieces-Bar-Underwear-Party-Wet-3-WhiteyIn a perfect world, all potential roommates go through a screening process that involves a pair of see-through skivvies and a bucket of ice cold water.

Let the revolution for a more perfect world begin.

SFist reports that a “bunch of fun guys in their 20’s and the ‘house bunny'” are searching for a new roommate in San Francisco‘s Tenderloin district. He must be a non-smoker, cool with pets, “queer-friendly,” and oh yeah — a total babe.

A Craigslist post advertising the $400 “off-campus dorm room” for men willing to “put on your best pair of tightey-whiteys, bikini briefs, or g-string and try-out for our wet underpants contest” was initially posted back in December, but Instinct has unearthed an identical post that appeared just last week.

So, did they not find a roommate the first time, or is this just a motel-style residence for the chronically beautiful? Somebody please send pictures.