Kickstarter Alert

Adam Goldman Launching New Web Series, Needs Your Help

Adam Goldman, who created The Outs, is back with a new web series called Whatever This is. Like Goldman and his team did last time, they are turning to Kickstarter to raise money for the project. While $165,000 is no tiny budget, it certainly is achievable given the success they had with The Outs and Chanukah Special.

Watch the trailer above, which includes a few familiar faces from the first series and check out the official synopsis below:

Sam and Ari are scraping by working on low or unpaid video production gigs thrown their way by Oscar (Ross Hamman), an existentially grumpy middle-man at a small production company. Making rent is hard enough; they barely have time to sneak toward their personal goals and personal lives in their off-hours.

Lisa is a teacher and therefore unemployed for the summer. A chance encounter puts her on the road to a possible summer job, but she’s not sure where it could lead – or if she’s even qualified.

Whatever this is. asks a tough question: how long are you expected to do work that you hate, for pennies, until it becomes something that you love that pays the rent? Is it even possible?

If interested in funding the project, visit Kickstarter to learn more about the rewards, which include a digital download, tote bags and more.