Adorable Web Geek Comes Out On Facebook; Supportive Friends Nerd Out In Response

When you come out to friends you’re never quite sure what the reaction will be: Some may embrace you off the bat, others may feel hurt you didn’t come clean sooner. One reaction we’d never anticipate is our pals nagging us that the layout design of our coming-out post isn’t fabulous enough.

That was the fate of one unnamed tech geek HappyPlace.com discovered: After congratulating the poster—who came out on a Facebook status update and followed up with a piece on his blog to prove it wasn’t a hack—his friends bemoan the lame HTML design of his site and immediate begin plans to zhoosh it up a bit.

It’s all tongue in cheek, though: One friend even commented: “It takes a lot of guts to post things on a plain HTML page these days. You’re an inspiration to us all.”



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  • Rick

    This is adorkable.

  • SebX

    Lol!! It’s really cool that his friends don’t really care AT ALL about his sexuality but his designing abilities. So refreshing. :)

  • Codswallop

    That is really funny and strangely heartwarming.

    From the link:

    “Have you told your family that you don’t use style sheets? That’s the hardest part”

  • SFHarry

    This reminds me of when I came out many years ago to a friend I had in college and she said, “oh, thank god, I thought you were just a loser because you never dated anybody.” She made me laugh and I always remembered and appreciated her comment.

  • Christopher Banks

    It’s a far cry from the days when a woman at my first job said to me: “You’re gay? I can tell. You have a gay voice. I don’t know why it is, but gay men just all seem to have gay voices.”

  • MEJ

    “It takes a lot of guts to post things on a plain HTML page these days. You’re an inspiration to us all.”

    I actually laughed out loud at that.

  • Jeff

    God I love this. His friends want him to come out in “style and elegance”.

  • Ragmatical

    My friend came out on facebook too.
    Got over 100 likes! <3

  • Fitz

    :) very lovely memory of my cousin, whose ADORABLE 10 y/o came out while I was there. Her and her husband both shrugged their shoulders and she said “Gay people have to clean their room too”.

  • J Stratford

    I would probably have said the same thing. I am suchya geek

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