Adore Delano becomes the first drag queen to reach 1 million followers on Instagram

adore delano red dress

Adore Delano has reached 1 million followers on Instagram, becoming the first drag queen to cross seven digits on the social network.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorite, and former American Idol contestant, crossed the 1 million mark on February 20, celebrating the milestone by sharing a screen shot of her account.

Adore, 27, was even able to beat RuPaul to the 1 million mark. (As of the writing of this article, RuPaul has 984k followers on Instagram.)

This milestone marks the second time Adore has set a drag queen record. In 2014, her debut album, ‘Till Death Do Us Party,’ sold over 5,000 copies in its first week, making it the biggest first week sales log of any former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant.

Now, the race to 2 million begins.

Do you think Adore will be able to be the first to get a second million, or is there another rising queen who could surpass her? Let us know in the comments below.