AIDS Group Takes On Palin’s Preferred Shop, Out Of The Closet

Sarah Palin attempted to squash sartorial criticism this weekend when she told a crowd her favorite store’s a consignment shop, not fancy stores like the ones the RNC patronized when picking her campaign duds.

We’re not sure if the comment changed any minds about Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe, but it spurred CBS Early Show‘s crack team to track down the store, Anchorage’s Out of the Closet.

Does that name sound familiar? It should – that’s the name of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s chain of thrift shops, all of which benefit the group’s good cause.

Well, the AHF is not amused by this coincidence and has sent the store a cease and desist letter that demands they find a new name. And it’s all Palin’s fault!

Read what the group has to say, after the jump.

We are grateful to Governor Palin for bringing the infringement of AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s trademark on our eighteen year-old ‘Out of the Closet’ name to our attention. In addition to raising funds for the care and treatment of thousands of people with AIDS in the US and around the globe, several AHF ‘Out of the Closet’ sites also serve as free HIV and STD testing centers. A growing number are now partnered with or placed alongside full service AHF Pharmacy stores, which are open to everyone, but offer clients specific expertise in HIV/AIDS medications. AHF’s ‘Out of the Closet’ chain and our related services at these sites provide the community a unique opportunity to give back.

We value our good name and as such, have sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to the independent for-profit resale shop operating under our ‘Out of the Closet’ name in Alaska….We also invite Governor Palin and the Republican National Committee to give back to the community by donating the Vice Presidential candidate’s campaign wardrobe to AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s ‘Out of the Closet’ following the election.”