Alaska Thunderfuck Discusses Her New Music Video 'Your Makeup Is Terrible'

Your Makeup is Terrible

After days of anticipation, Alaska Thunderfuck has finally released the music video for her single ‘Your Makeup is Terrible.’ Alaska financed the whole project herself and is super excited for fans to see it. No true Alaska fan would be sleeping at such an hour and odds are Drag Race devotees will be bringing down the YouTube servers trying to catch a peek. In the video Alaska reveals a new look – a shaved head!

Alaska, who has just finished a sold out run of her “Forever Stevie” show in New York, spoke with Dragaholic earlier today and spilled the tee on this sickening new release:

[quote]I’m really excited to be working with these award-winning filmmakers! The video is really weird and really fun – just like Alaska! I met the director, Saša Numi?, on Scruff. We started talking about film and he really wanted to do it. And the timing worked out, so we made it happen.

“I paid for this video myself – it basically cost every dollar I have. That’s kind of what the video’s about – being dedicated to this thing that I’m doing. There’s a few shout outs to my friends and my fans, because if I’m not spending my money on them what am I spending it on?

“Usually my You Tube videos are made by me with my iPhone. This music video is not. It has real lights and real cameras and real people.”[/quote]

Alaska’s last video, shot with that iPhone she mentions, “Walking With Laganja in Nature” has received over 141,000 You Tube views! This new one should break all kinds of records.

Update: Since it’s release only 12 hours ago Alaska’s video has already been viewed over 17,000 times!!!

You can also buy Alaska’s song on Amazon and iTunes.

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Alaska Thunderfuck – “Your Makeup Is Terrible” Official Music Video

“Your Makeup is Terrible” Production Team

Director: Saša Numi?
Producer: Brett Myer
Cinematographer: Kristin Fieldhouse
Editor: Cyndi Trissel
Makeup: Blake Armstrong