Alex Myros Saved 2 Kids From Burning Car Crash. Police Say He’s Also a Gay Basher


To some Canadians, 22-year-old British football player Alex Myros, who until this month played for a NFL affiliate team, is a hero. That’s because he rescued two children from a “fiery” car crash. Myros’ reputation, however, is about to change: Ontario police are now after Myros for the brutal assault on modeling agent Brandon Wright.

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  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    Poor guy, he’s so gay. Bet his parents are conservative and hate gays.

  • Tim

    Guys, in this case London means Ontario, Canada. He’s not British.

  • Jason

    Alex Myros has angry gayface.

    Still, I would probably do him.

  • Kropotkin

    It would be ironic if those kids he saved turn out to be queer.

  • BobP

    You find gay bashers “doable”? I have a feeling you’d do just about anybody. How about a little self respect instead?

  • until proven,,,,

    How about waiting till the whole truth comes out before passing judgement?


    There’s a pretty big difference between getting the shit kicked out of you or killed for simply walking down the street minding your own business vs. trolling for aspiring “models”.

  • holla

    As noted above, it is London, Ontario. That’s in Canada.

    Also, his team is an affiliate of the CFL, not the NFL.

  • Cam


    You said “There’s a pretty big difference between getting the shit kicked out of you or killed for simply walking down the street minding your own business vs. trolling for aspiring “models”.”

    That sounds a lot like “Well what was she doing wearing such a short skirt? She was asking for it” doesn’t it?

  • Jason


    My seven year old niece can write better copy than this.

    Also, I would do Alex. And by do I mean beat into a bloody effing pulp.

  • Princess Trinity

    @John from England(used to be just John but there are other John’s):

    Everyone on this site is so quick to judge. Could it be that the “facts” are wrong and this is bad reporting. Perhaps the writer should “check” his facts before calling this a gay bashing. The headline alone is wrong, he’s not “british” and his team is affiliated with the Canadian Football League! It took me less than a few minutes to find that out from Google…..Bad reporting. Check your facts, including that of the credentials of the supposed “victim”. Could it be this person is a con-man? What did he offer the model? Only one side has been covered here.

  • sal(the original)

    @Kropotkin: awww you beat me to the chase lol


    I was waiting for some dumb fuck to make such a ridiculous comparison…wish you could have proved me wrong.
    You totally missed the point moron.

  • Zarah

    Brandon does not deserve this at all, no one deserves this.
    and this Alex Myros guy
    he needs to be taught a lesson in Jail for life.
    hes dis respectful..

  • Fred Bumblefuck

    Disrespectful for beating a fag? It was a pre-arranged meeting with someone he met before. Something’s missing from this article (and the public facts) which is unlikely to even come out in Court.
    Anyone commenting on a story getting mixed up? The story was written by a fag, that means it’s already slanted, twisted and not factually accurate.

  • Tom

    i know alex, I was in jail with him and u shit talkers need to fuck off. the fag got what he deserved he coned alex outta $22,000 bucks gay or not he deserved it

  • Chet Daye

    Yo yall dont know shit… You see one side of the story and you belive it… I met alex and hes a good man… Hes a hero risked his life too save children he didnt know….. Fuck this lil bitch … who cause he got hurt is know playing the, hate crime card too motivate the police/people/judge too burn him at the stake… Hes a union brother and for that I say fuck yall Free alex hes a hero a friend and brother

  • Crystal Hatch

    Brandon Kenneth Wright is a self-proclaimed modeling agent based in London, Ontario. Models and actors BE WARNED, Brandon Wright does not have a modeling agency and he has lured at least one American model to Canada with false promises and fake modeling campaigns. It was reported by well known and highly respected model and actor Paul Vandervort (of Abercrombie & Fitch and the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency) that Brandon had been contacting him for over a year, via Facebook, offering to directly book him for various modeling jobs. In May 2010, Brandon guaranteed Vandervort two modeling campaigns for Canadian based company “Bootlegger” and promised that Paul would be paid for both campaigns upon arrival for a total of $23,000USD. Paul accepted the offer and Brandon booked his flight and made hotel reservations. Vandervort spent four days in London, Ontario waiting to shoot his campaign with Bootlegger but the shoot kept getting pushed back, however Brandon claimed he’d already received confirmation from his contact “Evelyn” at Bootlegger that Paul’s fee of $23k USD was already successfully wired to Paul’s account in Los Angeles and that Paul had nothing to worry about if the shoot were to get pushed even further or postponed. This was NOT the case at all.

    Paul spent four days in Ontario waiting and hanging out with Brandon Wright, during which time Wright also claimed to be moving to LA and starting as a junior agent at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, California. Brandon claimed that he’d also received a large inheritance and because of his respect and admiration for Vandervort, he’d be willing to help him tremendously back in LA financially and also by representing him as an agent at CAA. Based on Vandervort’s report, it turned out that Brandon Wright has no legitimacy in the modeling or acting industry in the US or Canada. Brandon Wright was simply a fan of Vandervort and the very detailed and elaborate story of Wright’s was his way of establishing contact and getting to know Paul Vandervort on a personal level. Paul stated that he spent the following two weeks after his Canada trip constantly on the phone with Brandon trying to collect his money. Brandon provided Paul with a receipt of the transfer from CIBC in Canada however it didn’t have a reference number and when Paul called the bank, they verified no money had ever been sent. After over 10 transfer “attempts” and days of excuses, Paul finally confronted Brandon Wright and told him he refused to waste anymore time with him on the phone and that if Brandon had no intention of paying him for flying all the way to Canada and his “guaranteed” modeling campaigns, then to never contact him again. Paul reported a week later that he stopped receiving contact from Brandon. Actors and models be WARNED that based on our research, Brandon is a compulsive liar and even though we can’t be certain of exactly what his motives are, Brandon Wright is a con-artist.

  • linklater

    Hahaha so funny alex shouldnt of beat him up, alex takes it in the ass as well

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