Alex Nicholson: HRC Hasn’t Done Everything It Could to Pressure White House on DADT

I’ll say, honestly, first of all, that I don’t think HRC has done everything they could to put pressure the White House. I believe that there are some there who believe they have done everything they can. I think there are others who may have other agendas and professional careers and things like that to worry about, but I have been begging HRC to scale up their operations on DADT since early last summer. […] Lately, [DADT] has been their number one priority. … I think they would argue it has been a top priority for a while. … But, realistically, I do think there was more they could do earlier this year, and I think there was more they could do last year. … I would have loved to have seen the ramping up going on a year ago. You just can’t build the infrastructure, you can’t get the operation going, get the wheels going as fast as you need them to go in a matter of two months. And of course we’ve seen a large scaling up of the community’s operations on DADT since March, but in my opinion, that really needed to happen last summer.

—Alex Nicholson, founder of Servicemembers United (who does not earn a salary), breaking his silence about the Human Rights Campaign, which SU works closely with to battle DADT [via]