Amaechi and Hardway to Meet?

Rumor has it that former basketball players John Amaechi and Tim Hardaway will be coming face to face one of these days. That is, if Hardaway agrees. For his part, Amaechi’s all about it:

I’d agree to it, so it won’t be on me. It’s certainly something I’d be interested in doing. And I think everybody deserves a chance at redemption.

Amaechi went on to suggest that a little televised reconciliation may be just what Hardaway needs. Or, rather, Hardaway’s reputation:

I feel a bit sad for him in that I never thought a legacy of being a great basketball player is a really good one, anyway. He’s a thousand times the player I could ever hope to be. That’s a fact. But at the same time, my legacy will be more than just putting a ball in a hole – and his legacy will now be even less than that.

Ouch. We never knew our main squeeze Amaechi could get so bitchy. Or so pompous. Discussing the success of his new book – Man in The Middle, which ranked 19th on the NY Times best-seller list – Amaechi admitted, “I wouldn’t write a book and imagine that it shouldn’t be a New York Times bestseller.” Shooting for the stars, indeed.

As for Hardaway sitting down with Amaechi – we’re not holding our breath. This is the man, after all, who said he crosses the street when he sees gay people headed his way. Although, perhaps his publicist can persuade him.

Or maybe someone will pay him. He does need the money