America’s Only All-Gay Gang Stands For Much More Than Crime

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 9.05.09 AM“They’ve been damaged, and they can hurt people, but on the flip side, they’re resilient. They see a glimpse of hope.”

That’s how one person close to the group describes Check It, a gay and trans gang in Washington D.C.

Comprised of around 200 members, the group banded together out of necessity, and makes their money committing crimes like petty theft, robbery, and carjacking.

“They’re not the Bloods or the Crips by any stretch of the imagination, but law enforcement calls them a gang,” Dana Flor, who co-directed a new documentary about the group with filmmaker Toby Oppenheimer, says. “They call themselves a family.”

Watch the preview below and find out how you can help. Oh, and Steve Buscemi shows up for some reason, too: