Anderson Cooper Doesn’t Like Being A Silver Fox; World Begs To Differ


Despite being one of the most famous, not to mention lusted after, silver foxes of our time, Anderson Cooper says he actually pines for the days when he was a brunette.

“I don’t really like my gray hair,” he confessed to Kelly Ripa this week. “I wish I still had my brown hair.”

Say what?! We can’t imagine Anderson with anything but his signature silver locks.

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The CNN anchor continued: “If I could I would probably color my hair but I can’t imagine sitting like at a salon with tin foil in my hair reading old copies of Rosie (magazine) for hours on end which is probably what’s required.”

Chances are, however, that’ll never happen.

“At this point it’s too late, the cow has left the barn,” Anderson said. “At this point it would look ridiculous.”


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According to Anderson, his hair first started turning gray when he was in his 20s.

“I had brown hair then in my 20s had salt and pepper hair and now I keep thinking, ‘There’s got to be some pepper in there somewhere’,” he said. “I keep looking and there’s no pepper.”

“In my mind,” he added, “I still have brown hair so every time I look in the mirror I think, ‘Who’s that old guy?’ And it’s me! Plus, I’ve started to look like a White Walker from Game of Thrones. With the paleness it’s just too much.”

Oh, Anderson, quit being so hard on yourself.

What do ya’ll think? Do you like Anderson as a silver fox or would you prefer him as a brunette? Vote in the poll below…

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