WATCH: Anderson Cooper Reveals Crush on Male Teen Idol

Since finally coming out publicly as gay last July, Anderson Cooper just keeps the revelations coming. The recent recipient of GLAAD’s prestigious Vito Russo Award now shares his crush on a certain male heartthrob of yesteryear.


While playing a guessing game on his daytime chat show Anderson Live! with guests Andy Cohen and Arrested Development‘s Jessica Walters, Cooper revealed why the late ’70s-early ’80s were such, ahem, happy days. The host guessed the titles of popular TV series of the era while his guests gave clues. When Walters offered, “One of the stars was Anderson’s childhood crush.”

“Which one?” asks the host, before answering Joanie Loves Chachi. Ding!

“Wait, was the crush Scott Baio?” Cohen asks. (Did you really think Erin Moran stood a chance, Andy?)

“Yeah,” Anderson confesses, adding that Baio was once a guest on the show, but that he “didn’t have the courage to tell him” that he was one of his childhood crushes.

Cohen tells Cooper, “Having met him it’s better you didn’t.”

Well, now he knows AC, but as Baio is a conservative Republican and his wife once posted an anti-lesbian rant on Facebook, you probably shouldn’t expect flowers anytime soon.

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