It's Supply and Demand, Baby!

Ann Coulter’s A Perfected Capitalist

Venturing into political opining, Jossip Jewess Debbie Newman took a stab at perpetual hate monger Ann Coulter, who recently called Christians “corrected Jews”. Here’s what Ms. Newman had to say:

Is Ann Coulter an Anti-Semite? Possibly, but first and foremost, she’s an opportunist. Which is to say, she’s also, at least to a certain degree, a capitalist. So rather than indulging her by buying what she’s selling (in this case, intentionally incendiary remarks about religion) put yourself in her pointy, high heeled shoes for a moment and reconsider this from an economic standpoint. What we have here is a glorified case of supply and demand–so long as Coulter’s critics keep chomping at the bit for a chance to tear her down in the press, she’ll continue to maintain some semblance of relevancy and, worse still, legitimacy.

Ah, the sick, self-serving circle of journalistic punditry.

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