Anti-Gay ‘Christians’ Commandeer Churchs

Ohio-based “Christian” coalition Minutemen United don’t know the meaning of “fellowship”. The group has hijacked a number of “gay-friendly” congregations in recent weeks, taking over other pastor’s pulpits to decry the sin of homosexuality.

The Biblical brouhaha started when Granville’s First Baptist Church hosted the Love Makes a Family exhibition. The controversial show features pictures of happy homo-families: families the Minutemen must considered damned. Of course, they cloak their anti-gay activism in a shroud of “love”.

Says one Minuteman, Max Erwin Sr, “What I do is not about hate; it’s everything to do with love. Homosexuality is a sin.”

From First Baptists, MU (pronounced “moo”) took their showdown on down to King Avenue United Methodist Church, where they lambasted Reverend John Keeney:

They rebuked me as a pastor for preaching that God’s love is for everyone. At our church, we welcome all people. We would welcome [the Minutemen] in worship, too, but we expect hospitality and acceptance to be demonstrated by all who come to worship here.

Hospitality obviously isn’t the Minutemen’s strong suit. They are, however, tenacious: they’ve returned to First Baptist the past six weeks and vow to continue protesting every Sunday until they get their way, they say. Unless it rains.

Melting must not be part of their plan.