Fact check

Anti-vax author just shared medical advice from adult film actor dressed up as doctor. Sounds legit!

Author and Covid conspiracy theorist Naomi Wolf showed just how far she’ll go to fact check anti-vaxxing messaging when she shared a quote on Twitter from Dr. John Sims.

“If a vaccine is effective, then why do we need to pressure people to take it?” Dr. Sims said, according to Wolf.

Except there is no Dr. John Sims, and the image Wolf shared was actually adult film performer Johnny Sins dressed up as a doctor for a scene.

Intercept reporter Ken Klippenstein took credit for tricking Wolf, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton, with the fake-out.

Wolf quickly deleted the post, but not before it could be used against her credibility.

This isn’t the first time Wolf’s sourcing has been called into serious question.

In February she claimed that she overheard an Apple employee “boasting about attending a top secret demo” where “they had a new tech to deliver vaccines w nanopatticles that let you travel back in time.”

In 2019, publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt canceled the U.S. release of Wolf’s book, “Outrages: Sex, Censorship and the Criminalization of Love,” after it was discovered she got wide swaths of information completely wrong.

The 400-page book examines the persecution of homosexuality in Victorian Britain and could have been a very useful resource for LGBTQ historians and the general public… if only the information Wolf provided in it was actually accurate.