Antoine Dodson Unveils Butch New Look, Sticking By That Whole “Ex-Gay” Story

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.40.13 AM“Human rape whistle” Antoine Dodson became somewhat of an underground gay celebrity with his “Hide your kids, hide your wife” platform, until May of last year when he revealed he was “no longer into homosexuality” and had become a Black Hebrew Israelite. It’s a natural progression.

He’s also accepted paychecks and the hope of more fame by appearing on Tosh.0 multiple times, where he knows he’s repeatedly subjecting himself to national ridicule. Anything to sell T-shirts, we guess.

Here’s some highlights from his most recent interview:

Tosh: How has your life changed from being on my show?

Antoine: A whole lot. I have a girlfriend.

T: That’s very confusing. What’s his name?

A: (Haha.)

T: Have you told your family you’re back in the closet?

A: When I told my family I was back in the closet, they kind of believed it.

T: I hope you become gay again.

You can watch all the awkwardness here:

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