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Are Most Viral Videos Gay, Or Does Daniel Tosh Just Pick the Gayest Ones?

I do not watch Daniel Tosh’s once-a-week Comedy Central web video program Tosh.0 because he is cute. I watch it because he funny and cute. Also, he does a lot of gay stuff on his show?

This week Toshy highlighted “Bros Icing Bros,” the stupid trend sweeping the nation where ostensibly straight guys force other straight guys to get on their knees and put a phallic piece of glass to their lips. Note the t-shirt.

And last week, or thereabouts, my husband featured the other crazy trend that has America in a tizzy: Dick Slang. That’s the one where men gyrate their hips in loose-fitting hips so their penises are visibly showcased. I think he was doing it wrong?

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  • James Davis

    Daniel Tosh is amazing. His bits about Chat Roulette last season were hysterical.

  • Bubba in TX

    WOW! After watching that second video clip, I think I need to set up a Season Pass on my TiVo. YOWZA!


    Tosh.0 is waaaay funny. I can’t figger Daniel Tosh out, he sometimes seems kinda sorta Gay, and then sometimes the shit he says is borderline homophobic. Nonetheless there is lot of straight dudes doin’ lots of stuff in the clips that seems pretty Gay. And while I like some variety during my play time, a whole lotta teen boys seem to really enjoy havin their friends do pretty painfull shit to their balls…..

  • Greg Theron

    Tosh.O can be annoying, but I wouldn’t mind sleeping with him.

  • jimstoic

    Loose-fitting hips?

  • jimmy

    tosh is fugly

  • counterpoll

    Daniel is in his heart of hearts still an awkward 14 yr old, although –what, he’s like 30? He does make me giggle. He’s exceptionally uncomfortable –in his act– about relationships with women, but that says more about his maturity than his orientation. But his dad supposedly calls him a ‘mo!

    He *is* seriously hot, to my mind, but my gaydar doesn’t ping.

  • Jon

    He is so funny and cute!!! I <3 Tosh!

  • SG

    Very funny.

  • TommyOC

    Daniel Tosh will and/or say anything for a laugh… he knows just how far to push things and when he threatens to cross the line with you, he flashes his impish smile with a “no hard feelings?” – kind of gesture.

    He’s genius.

  • Toby

    I now officially have a crush on Tosh.

  • KDubb

    Daniel Tosh is so freak’n cute and funny! I have seen him live twice and he is jus as cute in person as on tv…..LOVE HIM

  • Eric

    I’ve always thought Daniel was cute! And then I went and checked his Wikipedia page and this was the image:
    Uh, if that’s what he looks like in person…
    He looks really old. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was having a bad day, or that Wikipedia is crap. Whichev.

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