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Are Most Viral Videos Gay, Or Does Daniel Tosh Just Pick the Gayest Ones?

I do not watch Daniel Tosh’s once-a-week Comedy Central web video program Tosh.0 because he is cute. I watch it because he funny and cute. Also, he does a lot of gay stuff on his show?

This week Toshy highlighted “Bros Icing Bros,” the stupid trend sweeping the nation where ostensibly straight guys force other straight guys to get on their knees and put a phallic piece of glass to their lips. Note the t-shirt.

And last week, or thereabouts, my husband featured the other crazy trend that has America in a tizzy: Dick Slang. That’s the one where men gyrate their hips in loose-fitting hips so their penises are visibly showcased. I think he was doing it wrong?

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