Arkansas House Passes Resolution Reaffirming State’s Gay-Marriage Ban

no gay marriage banBack in 2004 Arkansas voters overwhelmingly approved a measure amending the state constitution to ban civil unions and define marriage as only between one man and one woman.

But just in case we didn’t get the message, the Arkansas House of Representatives just passed a resolution on Wednesday reaffirming its opposition to marriage equality and support for the Defense of Marriage Act.

Seriously, the resolution “affirming traditional marriage” has no power: It’s just a “get well soon” card for discrimination, even as the Supreme Court considers ruling DOMA unconstitutional.

It’s nice to know Arkansas lawmakers have so much time on their hands that they can spend it patting themselves on the back for being bigots.


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  • yaoming

    Thanks for nothing, AR.

  • ArthurTreacher

    What a nice Easter card to your gay residents, Arkansas.

  • Daniel-Reader

    So by violating the human rights of millions of other people, are these politicians hoping other people will maintain the rule of law? Because historically that just does not happen on this planet.

  • RichieW

    I would expect once DOMA is ruled unconstitutional that lawsuits against states that
    prevent the recognizing marriage from another state will follow very soon. If a
    person is married in NY and is receiving Federal Benefits and moves to my state Texas
    would they lose those benefits. I do not see how. Once the Feds grant benefits it
    does not matter where they live or what small minded states like Texas do. I say we
    should sue every little town etc that discriminates. Make them have to pay big
    legal fees.
    Now I hope that pro gay companies stop holding conferences etc in that bigoted state.
    I also think where states who deny recognition to a marriage legal in another state
    should be given the same treatment. Any person married in their state should be denied
    recognition in return. See how they like it.

  • erasure25

    They should pass one every week. Then lets calculate the tax payer money used up to accomplish nothing for the people of their already poor ass state.

  • Kieran

    Yeah Arkansas, a state just brimming with culture and sophistication. A state where you can marry your 12 year old first cousin with no problem. What would America do without our backwater hillbillys?

  • SFBruce

    I’ve heard plenty of conservative Christians complain that compliance with certain anti-discrimination laws compromises their “sincerely held religious beliefs.” My response has always been, “sincerely held religious beliefs” are not a get-out-of-jail card. Sadly, in Arkansas, apparently any dolt can refuse hotel accomodations to African-Americans and simply claim this new “freedom.” Arkansas was already a pretty unfriendly place for LGBT people, since Arkansas provides no anti-discrimination protection based on sexual orientation or gender, anyway.


    People in Arkansas, are fucking Christian that are mentally ill. There is nothing once can do! exterminate them all.

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