As John Galliano’s Trial Begins, France’s Maximum Chic Prison Readies His Cell


John Galliano‘s trial has begun. Yep, a trial.

See, France is different. It’s against the law to incite racial discrimination, hatred or violence there. And because of that law, the former main designer for Christian Dior could wind up facing a six-month jail term and a fine of 22,500 Euros (about $32,000) thanks to his legendarily crazy, public, drug-and/or-drink-fueled anti-Semitic outburst (see above clip in case you’ve missed it before—language bleeped but still NSFW).

The entire trial isn’t expected to last much more than a day or two. Galliano has already apologized and sought rehabilitation, but that might not be enough to save him from six months in a prison that probably won’t be up to Jean Genet coolness levels.

It’ll be interesting to see what will become of JG if he winds up locked up. Martha Stewart seemed to weather it all just fine, even if Oprah didn’t visit her, so he might need to reach out to her for some tips.

We hear that with some carved toilet paper rolls and torn bedsheets you can make a very festive brooch, perfect for autumnal incarceration.