Australian Gay Basher Ordered to Pay $40k

“A Cairns District Court judge ordered Daniel Leigh Proud, 23, to pay compensation for the bashing, which left Gary Michael Jamieson, 53, with serious brain injuries. The court was told Proud repeatedly kicked and punched Jamieson after he made advances during a fireworks display on the Cairns Esplanade in the early hours of January 1, 2006.

In June 2006, Proud was jailed for 42 months, to be released after 14 months, after he pleaded guilty to assaulting Jamieson and causing him grievous bodily harm. Then acting Chief Judge Tony Skoien was told that after the attack, Proud told police he hated homosexuals.

The court was told Jamieson suffered a seizure and arterial bleeding to the brain. Prosecutor Sussann Bell told the court Jamieson was openly gay and a neighbour of Proud.

Proud told police Jamieson was “hitting” on him sexually during the New Year celebrations and that he “got up and snapped”. Judge William Everson last week granted Jamieson a total of $38,250 in compensation for the physical and psychological injuries he suffered in the attack.” [Courier]