Evil Trio Urge Followers To Vote Huckabee?

Axis of Anti-Gay Evil

Acclaimed anti-gay activists Rick Scarborough, Dr. Tim LaHaye and Dr. Michael Farris seem to have joined forces to support Mike Huckabee. From The Atlantic‘s Marc Ambinder:

Pastor Rick Scarborough is hosting a conference call with Iowa pastors to discuss the caucus… joining him are Dr. Tim “Left Behind” LaHaye and Dr. Michael “Home School” Farris.

All three are committed supporters of Mike Huckabee. An e-mail sent to Iowa pastors advertising the call doesn’t mention Huckabee — that wouldn’t be legal — but does say that pastors “have a duty” to keep their congregants “informed” and to lead them to “participate” in the caucuses.

Farris has been a senior unpaid adviser to Huckabee from day one and was key in helping to organize the families of home schoolers to attend the Republican straw poll in Ames last summer.